Klairi Lykiardopoulou

K-KLAIRI_BIOKlairi Lykiardopoulou was born in Athens. She went to school at the American College and completed her studies in Pedagogics in the United States. She has travelled around the world and experienced many different cultures.

Her life changed radically after her acquaintance with Master Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of the “Servers’ Society” Spiritual Centre, in 1980. With his guidance she received his teaching on self-study, on the emergence of the spiritual nature of man and on practicing Spiritual Healing as a way of life. For almost three decades now she has been the President of the Society.

She contributed to the structuring of the Servers’ Society Healing Section, for which she constantly works by training new healers. Answering unselfishly to the need of her fellow-man she has met thousands of people who sought help for health, personal or family problems. On a daily basis she accepts patients who ask for her help through Spiritual Healing and continues to receive letters of thanks from patients who were healed, either through contact healing or distant healing. Extracts of her book “Spiritual Healing” – first published in 1987 in Greece – were presented in sequels in a wide circulation newspaper in 1989.

For her literary work she has been receiving commending reviews and is widely appreciated by the country’s intellectual world. Extracts of her books have been included in anthologies and literary magazines. Her trilogy about the role of man,woman and the couple was approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to be included in school libraries. During her interviews on the state channel and on the radio she greatly emphasized the need for all people to get to know and express their true nature.

She has written 19 books, conveying her personal experiences of her discipleship and developing issues concerning various aspects of life with examples of everyday life, always based on the teaching she had received. An overall presentation of her literary work up until now was held in March 2009, where renowned writers spoke of her offer to the intellect.

Ms Lykiardopoulou continues to work indefatigably for the aims of the Servers’ Society: the development of human conscience and the dissemination of spirituality.