What is Spiritual Healing?


Spiritual healing means that I practise and express the energies and forces of the soul, that I become the medium through which the ontological, mental and spiritual strength is delivered, and that I consciously convey this to the patient in order for him to get well.

Each individual operates and expresses themselves through their body, emotions and thoughts. These are our so-called realms or different forms of existence which are constantly interacting and influencing each other.

When the flow of energies and forces within each of those parts of our existence is smooth and harmonious, then we achieve a state of balance. But when one of those functions of ourselves is either overactive or neglected, then this balance is disrupted and results in various diseases either in physical or in psychological terms.

Spiritual Healing restores the flow of energies and forces in those ‘three bodies of our existence’, in order to express ourselves evenly. In this way the energy that has perhaps accumulated at one specific area is released and free-flowing, whilst those parts of ourselves that are perhaps weakened, become stronger and more resilient.

A spiritual healer is one who recognises the homogeneity of the Spirit in everything: themselves, the patient, the illness itself, in the world that surrounds us. The spiritual healer is living and experiencing the miracle of life and is consciously becoming the ​​conduit of spirituality that is delivered to those in need.

Spiritual Healing is the optimal expression of the Spirit in its grounded form.