2020 New Year’s Celebration in Omilos!

2020 New Year’s Celebration in Omilos!

Saturday, 11/1/2020, 07.30 in the evening, and our long-held celebration for the new year has just begun.

Long-held because every year, everybody – members and friends of Omilos, esteemed litterateurs, people who have asked for the help of our Spiritual Healing section – we all gather with joy to celebrate together.



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Οur 18th International Seminar! (Vrahati, Greece, 26-29/12/2019)

Οur 18th International Seminar! (Vrahati, Greece, 26-29/12/2019)

One of our seminars with the largest participation came to its conclusion just a few days ago. With participants from various countries – the UK, France, Turkey and others – but also from many different parts of Greece, we all experienced together what it means to unite with the others in practice.



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Join our winter seminar! 26-29 December 2019 at Vrahati, Corinth

Only a breath before the beginning of a new decade, let’s celebrate by gifting to ourselves something precious, a place and a time to rest, to be rejuvenated and to relax.

And most importantly, to experience a new way of thought and action and how to be a co-creator and a participant in the everyday miracle we call Life!

We cordially invite you to our 18th International Winter Seminar on 26-29 December 2019 at the 5-star Alkyon Resort Hotel and Spa at Vrahati Korinthias in Greece.

We are expecting you!

For more information and bookings contact us:
tel.: +30 2102015194 (GR), +30 6936104960 (GR), +44 07960 797 435 (UK)
email: info@omilos-eksipiretiton.gr, omiloslondon@gmail.com

The President of Omilos’ speech at our event “With the Songs as our Compass and Tradition as our Captain” at the Hellenic Centre in London

Our event on traditional Greek music at the Hellenic Centre in London was opened by the President of Omilos who vividly illustrated the panhuman, common element that exists within us and unites us, giving us the infinite strength to be well.



His speech follows:

“The Philosophy of Omilos is very simple. We believe that every human being has the right to be and can be well in their life. Difficulties will always exist, no one can say that there aren’t any difficulties in life, but we believe that every one of us has the power within them to be well. The centre of Omilos’ philosophy is the human being, each and every one of us. But you will ask: “how can we be well?”

Let’s say that the human being is a tree. A tree is strong and healthy when it has very deep roots, very good roots, healthy ones.

And you know, Greece has very, very deep roots which begin with Homer, Aeschylus, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and reach Elytis, Kavafis and many other contemporary Greek poets.

And so, every Greek learns, just as every human being in every people does, to make their anguish, their pain, their joy into a poem, a song, a dance.

By dancing, the person performs, let’s say, a ritual act and takes the problem and lifts it up high. It is the tsolias (Greek man wearing traditional Greek clothes) who hits his foot on the ground and lifts it up into the air, thus taking the problem from the earth and giving it to the sun. And Greece has a lot of sun! Many problems and a lot of sun!

So, let us delve into the essence of folk music, our tradition, and let us deepen into it to see what happens. Thank you very much.”

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“With the songs as our compass and tradition as the captain”: Our music event at Hellenic Centre London (07-11-2019)

The President of Omilos’ speech at our event “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

Our event titled “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” at Morley College in London was opened with the speech by the President of Omilos, in which he referred to all those who teach through Art and help humankind along its path.

His speech follows:

“Let me welcome you tonight.

We are a Spiritual Centre which has been active in Greece for 40 years. The teaching that is given is how to learn to be well and that there are no impasses in Life.

Life brings problems. The immense current of Life brings problems, but it also brings those who teach human beings how to be helped.

These people, in our opinion, are the artists, the musicians, the poets, the painters. Therefore, we delve into their work and we learn to see the hidden meanings through which they teach humankind and how through these teachings we can be well in life and in practice.

Today we are analysing Kavafis. Kavafis, in essence, was not a poet, he was a philosopher. So, let’s see if we can convince you!”

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“Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” – Our literature event at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

“Spiritual Healing in Theory and in Practice” (Women and Health, London, 09-11-2019)

“Spiritual Healing in Theory and in Practice” (Women and Health, London, 09-11-2019)

On Saturday 9th of November and after two very successful events at the Hellenic Centre on Thursday and at Morley College on Friday, our entire day was dedicated to the centre Women and Health and, of course, to all people, users of the centre or not, who came to meet with us.

And Spiritual Healing became action once more!

With immediateness and simplicity, everyone who was there experienced the change that takes place when you give without asking anything for yourself. They experienced it in the Spiritual Healing sessions and the real and sincere interest that was shown by the group of Spiritual Healers.


They experienced it in the individual personal appointments that took place, where the group of Omilos, without considering time or effort, concerned themselves with the issues that each person wanted to talk about. They experienced it in the Open Discussion and Meditation group with the subject “Spiritual Healing in Theory and in Practice” carried out by the President of Omilos.

It was then that all this came to a conclusion with a common experience of union and expansion, with a “revelation”, as we were told by the participants, of what Omilos means, of what it really means to be a Group.

“Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” – Our literature event at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

“Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” – Our literature event at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

“Excellent presentation! Definitely not what you expect from a poetry evening, a nice surprise!”

“I had never imagined that this poem could have such extensions. Thank you!”

“With the deep analysis that you did, you helped me a lot with my own personal issues as well. You did excellent work!”

“It has to do with the entire Self, doesn’t it? Not to identify with the limitation. A very good idea and a beautiful way of presenting it”.

A rainy Friday in London on the 8th November 2019 but no one was deterred and soon the room at Morley College began to fill with people.

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