Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (01-03/02/2019)

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (01-03/02/2019)

Once more we prepare for London. There, the Self-study Group of Omilos is waiting for us and is eager to meet for interesting discussions and personal appointments.

Moreover, in the context of our collaboration with the health centre “Women + Health”, a registered charity based in London, appointments for Spiritual Healing will take place every day from 01/02 to 03/02, and on 02/02 and 03/02 after the Spiritual Healing appointments, at 17.00, there will be meditation and free discussion groups, as well as personal appointments with the centre’s members and visitors.

For all our friends in London, it is also an opportunity to participate so as to get to know first-hand the practical philosophy of Omilos, and to experience through simple means the Miracle of every moment!

Free entry!

For bookings:


tel.: 07960 797435

Our 17th International Seminar “Actively Participating in Life” (29/12/18-01/01/19)

Our 17th International Seminar “Actively Participating in Life” (29/12/18-01/01/19)

“The spiritual person, therefore, is vigilant because they have made a choice to participate in a life-work. Not for themselves, but for all humanity, for all people to be well. They have a stance, they have vision. They accept themselves, they trust their own Entity and that of every other human being and is active and a participant in life, now, at this moment, every moment. They live life one hundred per cent. This is the spiritual human being.”

Excerpt from the speech with the topic “Actively Participating in Life” by Mr. Andreas Dritsas, President of Omilos Eksipiretiton



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Join our seminar and discover “a new way of thought and action”! 29 Dec 2018 to 1 Jan 2019

Join our seminar and discover “a new way of thought and action”! 29 Dec 2018 to 1 Jan 2019

What could be better for the welcoming of the New Year than four days of rest and rejuvenation in nature?

Relieve stress and tension within the beauty of the mountain landscape, rejuvenate and relax yourself in the peacefulness of nature and – why not? Breathe in the fresh air along with “A New Way of Thought and Action” in our seminar!

You are all welcome to join us on 29th of December 2018 to 1st of January 2019 at the picturesque village of Lagadia Arkadias.

For more information and booking:

tel.: 07960 797435 (UK), 210 2015194, 6936104960 (GR)



Our Byzantine Music presentation at Morley College, London (12-10-2018)

“It was a spectacular presentation…. The atmosphere was beautiful… I have no words, except for beauty.”

“A most enlightening and enjoyable experience! An interesting presentation…. Thank you!”

12 Oct 2018. One day after our poetic presentation at the Hellenic Centre, it was time for our Byzantine Music presentation at Morley College.


Before we give you a taste of this event, we would likour Byzantine Music presentation at Morley Collegee to wholeheartedly thank Morley College and the Professor and exceptional musician Mr. D. Karidis for their cooperation and hospitality, and for the way they embraced this event and for their cordial response.

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Omilos at Woman+Health for healing, meditation and discussion group (Oct 2018)

Omilos at Woman+Health for healing, meditation and discussion group (Oct 2018)

We were greeted by bright sunshine and warm weather on 13th of October 2018, the day we went to Women & Health.

Our collaboration is now well established, and every time we travel to England many of the people served by Women and Health are waiting for us so that they can have a spiritual healing session and participate in our meditative relaxation and discussion groups. At the same time, more and more new people show up every time to meet us, ask for spiritual healing and participate in our groups.

This time was no exception. Our group of spiritual healers was ready and focused on the work of spiritual healing and the appointments – already fully booked many days before – continued to multiply up until the last moment.


The Heads of Omilos, Mr. A. Dritsas and Ms. P. Kostopetrou conducted the meditation and discussion group in a room packed with people. Chairs were brought in from all floors of the building and the circle opened up, grew, expanded so as to include everyone. Familiar and new faces, the group from London which was there, everybody had the chance to experience the meaning of meditation, union, group, but also to discuss their queries, thoughts and concerns from a different perspective. Through many means – discussions, analysis, personal examples, stories, even music – we saw that by learning how to function as a group wherever we are – in the family, at work, with friends – we can experience more and more the inner freedom and strength that this brings.

We sat all together for many hours, both in the group but also in private conversations afterwards. Nobody would leave, and the question “when will you be coming again?” was on the lips of everyone.

All participants were happy to share with us their experience with the group and the spiritual healing. We mention only a few of their comments below:

“The experience was magical, different. Being all together in the group and having this unbelievable flow. Thank you so much!”

“It was as if I ascended! I have never felt that much energy in my body”

“The pain in my body from the accident I had, passed for the first time after a long time”

“Ever since I met you, I feel happy, alive and active. The depression that was tormenting me has gone. I look forward to you coming again”

“Logos the Third” our poetic presentation at the Hellenic Centre, London (11-10-2018)

“Logos the Third” our poetic presentation at the Hellenic Centre, London (11-10-2018)

“The presentation was wonderful. Thank you again for uplifting and inspiring us! I very much enjoyed this night, and will of course be back for more.”

“Thank you for bringing to life through recital, personal experience and song Logos the Third.”

“‘LOGOS THE THIRD’ is always healing for me. The presentation was excellent as always! So glad to be here!!”

Logos the Third. The final part of the trilogy, the culmination of the journey through the three poetic works “The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation”, “Fallen Paradise, Holy Matter” and “Logos the Third”.

At the same time, the beginning of a new journey towards even broader horizons! Because for us the importance lies in the transition, the abolishing of the horizons’ lines.

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We are happy to share with you the news of the publication of the second volume of the work “The Wisdom of the Poem” in English.

With this second volume, the translation of the book from Greek to English is now complete.

“The Wisdom of the Poem” is a book which the spiritual world of Greece, distinguished writers, poets, critics, academics have characterised as “a work of great inspiration” that “non other alike exists”, “an original work that opens new paths to the study of poetry”.

In this volume, 48 poems of contemporary Greek poets are analyzed by D. Kakalidis through the method of analysis which renowned littérateurs of Greece have called the “Kakalidis method”; this method gives prominence to the hidden wisdom of each poem and shows that through the Word and through the symbols, the creators each time convey the panhuman message of the potential for spiritual uplifting and broadening that exists within every human being.

To publish this volume we worked with lots of love, care and passion, as we also did for the first one. We paid attention to every detail both on the aesthetic and artistic aspect as well as in relation to the accuracy and careful editing of the translation.

Our goal is for the English-speaking readers to have a complete edition in their hands that will convey the flow of the Word and the meanings of the poems and their analyses at most.

So, we deliver in your hands our newest edition and wish you to enjoy and deepen into it!