“I am healthy with the contribution of Spiritual Healing and the support in various ways of the entire group…” – Thank-you letter to the Spiritual Healing Section

21st May 2020

Thank-you letter

I would like to warmly thank the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton for all these years of spiritual healing and support. Since 2005-2006, when I asked for spiritual healing, I have dealt with several health issues, other more serious, and other less. However, the spiritual healing section was always by my side with healing sessions in person by the group of healers as well as with distant healing for many years.

Spiritual healing has helped me overcome long-term issues that I carried from my childhood but also to recover completely from many health adventures that came along since.

For example, my right ankle had a sensitivity to “twist” and then severe pain would follow for days. This was a result of a sprain I had when I was 12 years old. This sensitivity has now vanished completely and my ankle is perfectly well without “twisting” in more than 7 years.

Also, when I was 21 years old, I developed a peripheral abscess and fistula, as well as polyps in the large intestine, which required 4 surgeries to treat them. In all that time, I had healing sessions in Omilos’ premises as well as distant healing and as a result I had minimum pain, my recovery was rapid and the doctors were very pleased with my course which they said was remarkable. I wish to add that regarding the polyps, after having regular tests every 2 years, none has ever reappeared.

Moreover, my last health issue which was the most serious one, was a cancerous tumor in the thyroid gland which is now cured as my tests are perfect ever since I had the gland removed (6 years ago). Plus, symptoms that I had developed due to the thyroid disease, like the endocrine exophthalmos, are now completely healed.

I am healthy with the contribution of Spiritual Healing and the support in various ways of the entire group of the Spiritual Healing Section.

And for this, I thank you all wholeheartedly.

With great appreciation for all the Work done by the Spiritual Healing Section and by Omilos Eksipiretiton,


“Through my discipleship I discover aspects I didn’t  know that exist…” – Thank-you letter

I crossed the door of Omilos in September 2018. I found out about the work of Omilos by a friend who was a member. My motive was the change I saw in her.

I felt that my soul sought for a change but I didn’t know how to express it. Through my discipleship I discover aspects I didn’t  know that exist or things I can indeed change.

In this seek, there was also an intense wish to have a second child. A dream that would come true a few  months later with the help of the Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

Things with IVF (in vitro fertilization) were not auspicious, as the fetuses were of medium quality and all the tests indicated a difficult condition. Nevertheless, now,  thanks to your help, I have in my arms not one but two babies!

Thank you from the depths of my heart!God bless you and may you have light in your life!

With appreciation, S.H.

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

Dear Omilos-Eksipiretiton,

I just wanted to write to you to say what a wonderful experience I had at the winter retreat in December and more amazingly what a positive impact it had on my blood pressure.

I was determined to come to the retreat as I had been unable to come in the past years because I had been on dialysis. Now a short time after my kidney transplant when I no longer need to be hooked up to a dialysis machine I had every-will to make the trip to Athens and then to the hotel in the mountains, and I am so glad I did…

…Before my trip I had a period of great stress relating mostly to work and the general lifestyle in London. When I got to Athens I was exhausted, but I was greeted at the airport by Omilos’ members who very kindly dropped me off at the hotel and looked after me with such kindness and compassion throughout my trip- thank-you all.

In Athens I was so excited and happy to see the Omilos building and meet everyone.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming, even in my tired state, I felt my soul being awakened. After a couple of days in Athens we were ready to drive up to the mountains and the retreat hotel…

…I found it relaxing attending the daily meditation sessions after breakfast and the talks and meditation in the evenings.  During meditation I felt very calm, slowly let go of the stress and exhaustion and I sensed the calmness and acceptance of everyone in the room. I got a lot of hugs, felt the warmth and care from everyone and in return felt a deep sense of care and love for everyone there.  I just felt looked after in a way I have not felt in so long.

When I got back to London I noticed something I had not expected, first of all the sense of calm and serenity I had developed with everyone stayed with me for a good couple of weeks.  I was able to gently manage stressful situations without feeling stressed, I was able to accept people at work I had previously had conflict with, but most amazing of all when I measured my blood pressure on multiple occasions I noticed it had come down to a normal blood pressure and I did not need to take my blood pressure tablets for about 10 days.  Some might say that blood pressure change was due to the climate and pressure change from the mountains.  But in reality, I was not up in the mountains long enough to have this affect. I am sure the normalisation of my blood pressure was because of meditation, the calmness, the good clean air, the sense of being looked after and ultimately release and letting of stress and being around the wonderful spiritual people.

So thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience and I’m glad I was able to come.

January 2019 

S. N. 

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“Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without any financial gain.” – Spiritual Healing Thank you Letter

“Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without any financial gain.” – Spiritual Healing Thank you Letter

3 February 2019

I suffered from mouth ulcers for about two years. The ulcers even spread to my throat area, causing me a lot of pain and discomfort.

During this period, I was referred by my doctor to a number of hospitals, had various tests and was prescribed different medications. However, neither of them worked and I didn’t even get a diagnosis.

About four months ago, I shared this problem with Omilos’ spiritual healers during one of their visits to London. Since then, I received face to face, as well as distant healing.

The result is EXCELLENT!

Finally, I am free of these ulcers and enjoy again eating, drinking and talking without any pain and discomfort.

I am so grateful to Omilos for healing this problem.

Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without even any financial gain.

G. T. 

“The Miracle of Spiritual Healing” – Ninon Kampouri, writer-poetess


It is a rare occurrence when a human being has nothing that torments them. There are various problems, financial, family, and especially health problems. They suffer – and often make others suffer – and are disappointed when their efforts to be cured do not bear results and they become miserable. They think they are alone and without help. And yet… there are people who, when we ask them, are always by our side and actually help us. They take interest in us with love and devotion, as if they are our siblings. I had the fortune – during a period of personal misfortune – to meet them, to be taught alongside them, to be helped by them. They are the spiritual healers of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society). I have referred to their work many times – even in my recent autobiography – and I still do, as a small token of love and appreciation, admiration, and even emotion, I may say. Most of them are direct disciples of the founder and Master of Omilos Eksipiretiton, the philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, and they continue this pious work – an offer to the fellow human being.

The reason for my writing all this is the healing that I recently received from the group of spiritual healers of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

On 24/11/2017 I suddenly started to feel pain under my earlobe, soon the pain moved to the front part of the ear and a swelling began in the gland under my ear. I started to worry and, knowing that I couldn’t easily take medicines due to allergies, I avoided going to the doctor. I tried to communicate with my homeopathic doctor but she was unavailable at that time. I phoned at Omilos and told Mrs E. what was happening – she also recommended that I see a doctor – but even as we were talking, the Spiritual Healing had started. Before our phone call was over I felt calmer from the fear that had possessed me, and when I touched the spot where the focus of the pain was, I found that the swelling had gone down in a few minutes!

The pain started to become more “friendly”, I didn’t feel it as aggressive as before, and the point of inflammation started to change, as if my body was trying to unite it with its other parts that weren’t suffering.

I also started to monitor this unfolding of events esoterically and with love. In the meantime I also communicated with my doctor who knows and respects the fact that I am often helped by the spiritual healers of Omilos, and she was content to suggest the use of a homeopathic medicine, if I needed it after all. I didn’t need it because the pain and the swelling were gradually subsiding. This continued for a few hours and towards the evening I felt that I was receiving Spiritual Healing again. In very little time it was all over!

My joy was not only due to the fact that something potentially serious had been overcome, but also because of the feeling that there are guardians – brethren of ours who embrace us and help us.

I thank you from my heart,

Ninon Kampouri