Training in Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a potential existing in everyone, as long as one chooses to work in order to get to know it, express it and put it to good use with absolute interest in those regarded as patients.

An organized section of training on spiritual healing operates at Omilos Eksipiretiton, delivered by the persons in charge of the Spiritual Healing Section. Having been taught spiritual healing directly from the Master and done hundreds of healings, they convey their acquired knowledge and experience to those who wish to be trained on spiritual healing.

To be trained as a spiritual healer one has to be a member of Omilos, following the path of self knowledge and meditation and expressing the position to serve fellow-humans through spiritual healing.

The training consists of deepening into the laws and principles of Spiritual Healing, knowledge of its methods of practice and the studying of esoteric, medical, philosophical and other subjects. It also includes daily meditative work with frequent report to the ones in charge of the Healing Section.

Training should always be in parallel with a discipleship leading to the emergence of the ontological Self, in order for the spiritual healer being trained to strengthen the positioning of conscious alignment with It, of Its acknowledgement within everything and of transferring the soul’s energies and forces selflessly and with pure interest to the person regarded as a patient.