We invite you to our event: “With the Songs as our Compass and Tradition as the Captain.” A Voyage in the Seas of Greek Folk Music (Hellenic Centre, London, 07-11-2019)

We invite you to our event: “With the Songs as our Compass and Tradition as the Captain.” A Voyage in the Seas of Greek Folk Music (Hellenic Centre, London, 07-11-2019)

Following our previous successful events at the Hellenic Centre, London, which were also broadcast by the Hellenic TV channel, this November we are holding a new event titled:

“With the Songs as our Compass and Tradition as the Captain” – A Voyage in the Seas of Greek Folk Music.

It is with great joy, we invite you to experience the sounds of Greek folk music in this presentation and the live performance of traditional songs from Greece.

Join us on a journey to the beauties of the Greek countryside and of Asia Minor.

The azure of the skies, the gentle waves of the sea and the cool air of the mountains come alive with “one voice” in a musical night full of colours and melodies.

A musical wander in the simplicity and majesty of Greek folk music.

The presentation will be held in Greek and English.

Entry is free.

Bookings at 07960797435 or at  info@omilos-eksipiretiton.gr


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We invite you to our event: “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” (Morley College, London, 08/11/2019)

We invite you to our event: “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” (Morley College, London, 08/11/2019)

In collaboration with Morley College, London, we are holding the event: “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry”. An analysis on K.P.Kavafis’ poem “God Forsake Anthony”. 

Within every creation, every work of art, every human being, our life itself, lays hidden wisdom and knowledge that can uplift our soul and make us see and experience the infinite, even in what seems to be limited.

The poets have the gift to unite with the Word, to reach sources transparent and clear; to create their myth with symbols and through them to teach. And every myth, every creation of work becomes a small Universe that evolves inside the soul of the readers, helping them along their way of well-being and happiness.

A new method to delve into poetry will be presented in the first part of this event. A method that connects the daily with the eternal, the human with the divine, the “microcosm” with the “macrocosm.” Through the small and limited the method leads us to the great and infinite, bringing to light the hidden wisdom of every literary work

The second part will be an interactive workshop using as incentive a well-known poem by the renowned Greek poet, K.P Kavafis. We are going to delve into the poem “God Forsake Anthony” and –using the above method- to learn from Poetry all the great meanings of Life that the poet conveys through the essence of his work.

Free entry!

To book visit: bit.ly/2LmOCgR

Our previous event at Morley College about Byzantine Music:


Three days of spirituality (London, 07-09 June 2019)

Three days of spirituality (London, 07-09 June 2019)

Our days in London were full, as were the days at Women + Health, a non-profit health centre, where for three days we carried out appointments for Spiritual Healing, meditation, relaxation and open discussion groups, as well as personal appointments with the centre’s clients.

Once more, all of the appointments were booked, the centre was filled with familiar, but also many new faces, and the interest that the people took in our actions and work remained undiminished throughout. With extra appointments beyond the regular ones being booked and the long discussions taking place both in the groups and on a personal level, we could do nothing else but respond from our hearts to the requests and the need.

Our meetings with the members of the Omilos London Self Study Group were also on a daily basis, both in the context of the group and in individual personal appointments.

The words of the President of Omilos, Mr. A. Dritsas, about the Entity that exists within every human being, reached the depths of every person:

“It is important to learn who we are. We are not just flesh and bones, with a few feelings and thoughts.

Within us exists the Entity, the infinite capability to be well, the entire Universe.

This is what we apprentice in at Omilos, that the Entity exists within us and in the same way in everybody else. And that all human beings are within us.

The spiritual person is the person who has realised and experienced this, that the Entity exists within them.

It is this knowledge and the realisation of the Entity within us which gives us strength and harmony. Which enables us to be well…”

Some practical examples and discussions on the specific subject followed. The experiences of the group members, but also of people who were meeting us for the first time, from the simple implementation of this in their everyday lives were more than revealing:

“Doing the exercise helped me to calm down and bring balance to my emotions.”

“With the exercise I found I woke up in the morning alert and full of energy for the day ahead”

“I also woke up earlier than usual in the morning and with no tendency to go back to sleep, as I usually do. I was active and I did things that I had been postponing for a while now. I felt that there was a continuous current of energy which helped me to constantly actualize…”

“When I got home last night, I could see my husband looking tired. As I did the exercise at the time, I realised that the Entity exists within him as well. At this point I went to kiss him and asked how he was. He responded that now he was feeling much better…”

“Before now I thought of Entity as something far away outside of me. But now, with this exercise, I realised the Entity is alive within me…”

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (07-09/06/2019)

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (07-09/06/2019)

Friday (07-06-2019) to Sunday (09-06-2019)

Women & Health, Camden, London

This summer, we begin the fourth year of our continuing and successful collaboration with the non-profit centre “Women & Health”.

Spiritual Healing appointments
(all three days)
Meditation and Open Discussion Groups
(Saturday and Sunday, at 17.00 after the last Spiritual Healing appointments)

Individual appointments are also available upon request.

All our activities are offered free of charge,
but we welcome donations in support of our work, which is entirely based on selfless offer.

Anyone and everyone who will be in London then!

It is an opportunity to get to know first-hand the practical philosophy of Omilos,
but also to experience in simple ways the Miracle of every moment!

e-mail: omiloslondon@gmail.com
tel.: 07960 797435

We can’t wait to meet you!


“I really am very thankful for the love and light you have taught me and shown unconditionally” – Thank You Letter

I wanted to say thank you so much to you and to all of Omilos for your non-stop kindness, love, support and help.

You have changed my life for the better, and I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with you in 2012.

It’s been 7 years now, and I had this reflection and realisation today.

I really am very thankful for the love and light you have taught me and shown unconditionally.

God bless you,


Three days of spirituality (London 01-03 Feb. 2019)

Three days of spirituality (London 01-03 Feb. 2019)

At the beginning of February, we found ourselves in London where we met with the Self Study Group of London, and through discussions about spirituality in everyday life, both in the context of the group and on a personal level with the members of the group, we delved into a different way of thought and action.

Additionally, in a full three days at the Health Centre Women + Health, a registered charity based in London, we carried out appointments for Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Free Discussion Groups, as well as individual appointments with the Centre’s members and visitors.   

All the hours for appointments had already been booked from very early on, and new people who were interested in finding out about the philosophy and action of Omilos were arriving all the time. The President of Omilos along with a Group of Spiritual Healers responded promptly to every request, as always.   

There was a great turnout for the meditation and discussion groups. The group was expanding the circle constantly, additional chairs were added again and again as more and more people arrived to participate. The topic? The Poetry of Life itself, its magic and its Miracle and how we can experience it every single moment! Questions, thoughts, concerns and the sharing of experiences from the meditation and the contact with us kept us all together talking until late at night.   

And as one of the participants in the meditation group, who had also come for the first time to our seminar in Greece in December, characteristically said, addressing the others in the group: “You should know that wherever Omilos goes, I will go too! What I experience every time is so powerful and healing!”

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

Dear Omilos-Eksipiretiton,

I just wanted to write to you to say what a wonderful experience I had at the winter retreat in December and more amazingly what a positive impact it had on my blood pressure.

I was determined to come to the retreat as I had been unable to come in the past years because I had been on dialysis. Now a short time after my kidney transplant when I no longer need to be hooked up to a dialysis machine I had every-will to make the trip to Athens and then to the hotel in the mountains, and I am so glad I did…

…Before my trip I had a period of great stress relating mostly to work and the general lifestyle in London. When I got to Athens I was exhausted, but I was greeted at the airport by Omilos’ members who very kindly dropped me off at the hotel and looked after me with such kindness and compassion throughout my trip- thank-you all.

In Athens I was so excited and happy to see the Omilos building and meet everyone.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming, even in my tired state, I felt my soul being awakened. After a couple of days in Athens we were ready to drive up to the mountains and the retreat hotel…

…I found it relaxing attending the daily meditation sessions after breakfast and the talks and meditation in the evenings.  During meditation I felt very calm, slowly let go of the stress and exhaustion and I sensed the calmness and acceptance of everyone in the room. I got a lot of hugs, felt the warmth and care from everyone and in return felt a deep sense of care and love for everyone there.  I just felt looked after in a way I have not felt in so long.

When I got back to London I noticed something I had not expected, first of all the sense of calm and serenity I had developed with everyone stayed with me for a good couple of weeks.  I was able to gently manage stressful situations without feeling stressed, I was able to accept people at work I had previously had conflict with, but most amazing of all when I measured my blood pressure on multiple occasions I noticed it had come down to a normal blood pressure and I did not need to take my blood pressure tablets for about 10 days.  Some might say that blood pressure change was due to the climate and pressure change from the mountains.  But in reality, I was not up in the mountains long enough to have this affect. I am sure the normalisation of my blood pressure was because of meditation, the calmness, the good clean air, the sense of being looked after and ultimately release and letting of stress and being around the wonderful spiritual people.

So thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience and I’m glad I was able to come.

January 2019 

S. N. 

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