Omilos’ Group for the study of the self in London

Over the last years, the work of Omilos has been presented in a number of conferences and meetings in the UK, attracting interest from people of a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.

After the day conference we organized in London last October, many people asked us to form a regular Omilos’ group there so they, too, would be able to receive the teaching of Omilos more systematically.

This led us to start a group for the study of the self in London that meets on a weekly basis. The UK members study Omilos’ teaching, work upon self-knowledge and learn how to relax and meditate. Together with attending the weekly sessions in London, they are also in regular contact with the Heads of Omilos in Greece to discuss any questions (including personal matters) they might have as they put the teaching into practice in their daily life.

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The Heads of Omilos also travel on a regular basis to London to facilitate our group there, discuss with the members and offer new insights related to the teaching as well as systematic ways through which one can cultivate the self-observer and deepen the practice of meditation.

They also hold free events on issues concerning spirituality and its application in everyday life with free entrance to anyone.

If you are interested in participating in the group, you may contact us for further information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here.