“From that night on, the pustule, which was like a furuncle, became smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely…” – P. S.

To the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton

I would like to thank the group of Spiritual Healers and especially Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou very much.

I had a pustule on my face for three years. I had visited various dermatologists and aestheticians but nothing changed. After the third spiritual healing session, when I went back home and washed my face, the pustule opened and blood started coming out of it. For one hour, the blood kept on coming out thus cleansing the inner part of the pustule.

From that night on, the pustule, which was like a furuncle, became smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely after a couple of days.

I thank Ms Klairi from the bottom of my heart for what she offers through Spiritual Healing. It is very important for all of us.

P. S.


Healing of a number of illnesses

I would like to express my thanks to the healing section of the Servers’ Society for the healing of various illnesses. Because of the great anxiety and pessimism which had become a way of life for me, I had neurosis of the stomach and the beginnings of an ulcer. For three years, I had pains and a permanent flutter in the stomach. In the first months of my discipleship this problem ceased to exist. Later, I developed a problem of streptococcal precipitation of the blood and I was unable to stand on my feet even for seconds.

I sought the help of the healing section and of the Master of the Society. At that time, while I was unable even to take a step, when I came to the Society, I received so much strength that I was able to walk normally. The precipitation was cured, leaving me, however, with a heart murmur. When I asked the Master to carry out healing on me, I didn’t believe I would be totally cured, and yet with only one treatment the murmur was healed.

Finally, another health problem which I had in gynaecological matters, with the treatments carried out on me by the Master and by the team of healers began gradually to diminish, until finally they completely abated. I would like to express a big ‘thank you’ to the healing section and the Master, who sets its pace.


Healing and self-healing of a cyst on the coccyx

One day, when I was already a member of the Servers’ Society, a spot, full of pus, appeared on the last bone of my spinal column. I burst it, and the next day it was greatly swollen. Three small spots appeared at this point on the same base with three different points and full of pus. The condition was accompanied by pain and intense itching. I began to be hardly able to limp, and I didn’t go out because I was afraid people would make fun of me or pity me because of the way I walked.

I went to the doctor and was told that it was a cyst on the coccyx. He advised me to have an operation immediately. He also gave me antibiotics and drew off the pus. I came to the Society the same day and had contact therapy. In meditation, I saw this part pulsating, bursting and ejecting useless substances and I felt as though I was on fire. I was very receptive to spiritual healing. On Monday the cyst had disappeared! On Tuesday I saw the Master, and he told me that the cause of this cyst had to do with the way I had grown up and my relations with people in my environment.

When I visited the doctor, he cancelled the operation and said he wished that what had happened to me would happen to all his patients. When I visited him the first time, he told me that I had a fungoid condition of the genitals. This time he discovered that within three days even the fungus had disappeared!

From this experience I have learnt and sensed a great deal which cannot be describe in words… I have learnt to channel positive energy to my body and to make it literally glow with health. I have come to believe in God, spiritual power and healing. I feel very great gratitude to the Master and to the members of the healing section, who have helped me so considerably in the restoration of my health.


Healing of an eye condition

My mother’s family suffers from an eye condition which develops rapidly and ends in almost total blindness. My grandmother and her five sisters suffered from this illness, and a few years ago, my uncle went blind. This disease attacks the fundus of the eye, causing swellings and haemorrhages.

My mother suddenly began not to see, and her condition grew worse very rapidly. She was seized with panic. She went immediately to the ophthalmologist, she began treatment with injections into the eye and wore special glasses. But I talked of her problem to the Society and explained the urgent need for spiritual healing to stop the development of the disease immediately and to achieve an improvement. Which is what happened. As if miraculously, mother is much better and her morale is marvellous. She can read with her glasses, she watches television, plays cards, plays backgammon… She owes all this to the spiritual healing which she received from the Servers’ Society.

I thank the healers on her behalf and have no words to express my gratitude.


“…except for the help I received through Spiritual Healing equally important to me was the way they hugged me in Omilos with true love and selflessness…” – T. K.

With this letter I want to express my gratitude to Omilos Eksipiretiton for the great help they offered not only for my health problem but also in my life in general.

The last couple of years I suffered from intense pain in my waist that originated from a cyst created in my left ovary. I had several treatments, but with very little results; the pain continued with fluctuations and as a result this situation was undermining my will to live and I was often falling into melancholy. My problem was getting worse, my doctor was not giving me much hope that it could be solved and he said that a surgery was very likely, although without being certain that in that case the cyst wouldn’t reappear.

At that moment, a friend of mine who is a member of Omilos Eksipiretiton talked to me about Spiritual Healing. In my condition, this perspective was like a light in the darkness. After the analysis Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou did to me where she explained to me the reason why this cyst was created, the path towards improvement started. The immediate need was to change my attitude towards life and especially towards the opposite sex.

My case was taken over by Mr Α. D. who started practicing spiritual healing to me in the form of distant healing as well as in the premises of Omilos. At the same time I became member in a self-study group where I started doing inner work with myself and I was also taught to do self-healing. From the beginning I believed in the spiritual power. This faith was strengthened when I started feeling the healing energy within me during the healing in Omilos’ premises and slowly during the time I was meditating and practicing self-healing.

Very fast the pain was reduced and my life changed significantly. I found my old strength again, I started dealing with the various situations from another point of view and in a few words my life became meaningful.

During this work for my healing, several relapses occurred that helped me nevertheless to realize even more things and to broaden my mind in this way.

The validation came after six months. At that time the pharmaceutical treatment I was receiving -and which the previous time I took it, didn’t work at all- finished. It was then that my doctor diagnosed that the cyst had disappeared.

Now I continue the inner work not only to preserve my health but also because I have the need to improve my life even more and to give the strength that I acknowledged within myself to my fellow people who also need it. Furthermore, except for the help I received through Spiritual Healing equally important to me was the way they hugged me in Omilos with true love and selflessness and how tirelessly they offered to me every support so I can build my new stance in life.

It is a fascinating feeling one experiences when he starts to leave ignorance and to work consciously for the improvement of his way of life which of course doesn’t have an impact only to him. Regardless the fact that some painful moments for the personality always exist, that too leads to redemption.

And all these I owe to Omilos Eksipiretiton.

 T. K.

“…I feel blessed, and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Omilos…” – K. M.

I would like to thank each and every member of the Spiritual Healing group of Omilos (the Servers’ Society), for their support and treatment that I have received as a patient.

With a great problem in my stomach (Esophagus Barrett) and often strong pain in the bowel, I was treated by the Spiritual Healers and now I am feeling much better.

The problem with my stomach has been cured, the pain in my bowel is not that frequent, and other small health problems that I was dealing with from time to time were always treated with great success.

I feel blessed, and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Omilos (the Servers’ Society) and the group of Spiritual Healers for their support, the healing and precious effort in my life and the life of many people every day, any time help is needed.

With great appreciation,

K. M.

“The doctor asked me what kind of healing I did and made the cyst disappear.” – V. E.

I would like to thank very much Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou and all the members of the healing group, for the therapy I received for my health problems.

Specifically, from 1998 until 2000 many problems started to appear both in terms of my psychological and physical health. I asked for spiritual healing from the Spiritual Healing Department of Omilos, while at the same time I was following the doctors’ instructions. Since then and up until today I have the following healings to mention.

I used to have many communication problems and conflicts with my daughter. Our relationship wasn’t good at all. Today all these don’t exist. Our conflicts have stopped and our communication is pretty good.

The second healing happened on eczemas. Suddenly, eczemas appeared on my feet with layers that looked like scales and progressed in depth. They didn’t cause me pain but they were very unsightly. I consulted many dermatologists and did many cures, but there was no improvement. On the opposite. At some point I stopped dealing with them. I trusted the Entity and spiritual healing. And the eczemas disappeared. Now three years have passed and they haven’t appeared again.

One more healing happened on a fibroid I had in my uterus. Today this fibroid doesn’t exist. The most recent healing happened in two cysts I had in my left ovary. One had a diameter of 4cm and the other 2cm. With spiritual healing the small cyst disappeared immediately while, the bigger one slowly shrunk until it disappeared completely as well. This was shown in the last examination when the doctor was thoroughly trying to find the cyst. He asked me what kind of healing I did and made the cyst disappear. For these cysts I didn’t take any medication.

The rest of my health problems, a node in my thyroid and the problem of osteoporosis, haven’t worsened, on the contrary, as the medical examinations show, their condition is improving significantly. For all these, and for many more, for everyday healings in the relationship with my husband, in my relationship with my students, for healing regarding members of my family, and also for the inexhaustible Love and the total interest for each person, which is generously offered by them, I thank, Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou and the members of the healing group of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

With honor,

V. E.