Thank you letter for a great recovery after surgery

I would like to greatly thank the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton for the healing that selflessly provides to my daughter. (Note: the child had an abnormality in her elbow’s bone and had to be reconstructed with surgery). I would like to inform you that the surgery went very well and the doctor was very pleased from the outcome. Her health is very good, the doctors said how impressed they were from how fast she recovered to her normal state after such a difficult surgery and that she almost had no pain at all. She barely ached in comparison to what they expected and had warned me about. For me, all these events are a result of the spiritual healing she receives and I would like to share this with you. Now, we have returned home, she is in good mood, happy, doesn’t ache at all and has started moving her arm. Only her elbow itches and sometimes she feels the needles but with no pain anymore. 

Thank you very much.


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