The Founder Dimitris Kakalidis

The Founder Dimitris Kakalidis

DASKALOS_sliderThe Master believed that a person possesses both the potential to be well and the power to heal; not through some theoretical approach but through his deep union with the truth, with the ontological dimension of all things.

He didn’t limit the human being in its body, feelings and thoughts but saw in each person a magnificent spiritual being that can express the power, will, love and wisdom, to transform his daily life in a life of happiness and creation – and help others do the same.

He was conscious of the unity between himself and others, and that is why he taught spiritual healing not only as a means of healing illnesses of any kind, but above all as a way of life, as a firm position of offer and response to every need with sincere interest and selfless love.

And so he attracted around him people who wanted to be taught and realize his teaching and change their life. They became his disciples and in 1980 the Master founded Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society) with the vision of the emergence of the human innate spiritual nature.

He proved his teaching with his every action, with his whole life as well as with the spiritual healing performed for many years to people asking for his help either on a physical or a psychological level. A lot of health problems were completely cured, while persons with psychological disorders were able to find balance in their lives.

He taught spiritual healing to his disciples and guided the structure of the Healing Section of Omilos, systematizing the healers’ work, covering in this way the continually rising need for spiritual healing by contact as well as distant healing.

He wrote poetry collections and literary books infused with his teachings where spiritual healing takes the form of revelation of the deep truth about humanity and the universe, the unity of Mind and Matter. He also wrote the book “Laws of Spiritual Healing” describing the inconceivably expanded and at the same time, particularly specific function of spiritual healing and the spiritual healer.

He was married and had two children. He passed away in 1995, but his teachings remain fully alive and his vision continues to be the motivating force of his disciples, who carry on to this day the work of spiritual healing, the work of revealing our spiritual nature, the work of a life of fulfillment and bliss.

Klairi Lykiardopoulou

Klairi Lykiardopoulou

K-KLAIRI_BIOKlairi Lykiardopoulou was a pioneer in the practice of spiritual healing in Greece; she had been serving as the Head of the spiritual healers group of Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society), who perform healing sessions on a daily basis, since 1980. She was the director of Omilos for over three decades.

As a disciple of the Master she received his teachings on self awareness and spiritual healing not only as a specific healing practice for all illnesses but also as a way of life.

Through his guidance, she developed Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section and organised the delivery of spiritual healing training for its members. She had been the responsible facilitator for this training group for numerous years and she dedicated herself in authoring all relevant training literature for spiritual healers, drawing from the teachings she received herself as a disciple.

She was continuously receiving spiritual healing requests on a daily basis and she offered thousands of healing sessions to those facing a variety of concerns, in relation to their health, their personal and family life and so on. Her countless well-proven spiritual healing sessions, were bringing total results, always through a selfless service approach, about which she received a plethora of thank-you letters.

She completed a vast number of writings, including 20 published books, in which she presents and disseminates vivid personal experiences stemming from her spiritual life and discipleship; in her published work, she presents in-depth accounts relating to a wide range of issues, conveyed through specific examples of the challenges of daily living.

Her book titled ‘Spiritual Healing’ is one of the first in Greece on this topic. Various extracts from this book have appeared on a regular basis in newspapers of wide readership, provoking many responses from the readership audience who wanted to meet her personally and discover the work of Omilos. She had been interviewed by the radio and the TV, discussing the significance of our discovering and expressing our true nature.

Klairi Lykiardopoulou continued -always free of charge- having personal appointments and performing spiritual healing work at Omilos, both through responding to contact healing and distant healing requests, until her passing in 2015. She was a living example of a dedicated and inspirational spiritual healer across the world.

Training in Spiritual Healing

Training in Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a potential existing in everyone, as long as one chooses to work in order to get to know it, express it and put it to good use with absolute interest in those regarded as patients.

An organized section of training on spiritual healing operates at Omilos Eksipiretiton, delivered by the persons in charge of the Spiritual Healing Section. Having been taught spiritual healing directly from the Master and done hundreds of healings, they convey their acquired knowledge and experience to those who wish to be trained on spiritual healing.

To be trained as a spiritual healer one has to be a member of Omilos, following the path of self knowledge and meditation and expressing the position to serve fellow-humans through spiritual healing.

The training consists of deepening into the laws and principles of Spiritual Healing, knowledge of its methods of practice and the studying of esoteric, medical, philosophical and other subjects. It also includes daily meditative work with frequent report to the ones in charge of the Healing Section.

Training should always be in parallel with a discipleship leading to the emergence of the ontological Self, in order for the spiritual healer being trained to strengthen the positioning of conscious alignment with It, of Its acknowledgement within everything and of transferring the soul’s energies and forces selflessly and with pure interest to the person regarded as a patient.

Related books

Related books


“Laws of Spiritual Healing” by Dimitris Kakalidis

The book “Laws of Spiritual Healing” by Dimitris Kakalidis is the most precious source of knowledge, wisdom and guidance for the spiritual healers of Omilos, given that in its pages, one can find all the relevant teachings and the essence of spiritual healing practice.



Abstracts from the book “Spiritual Healing” by Klairi Lykiardopoulou


“I don’t know what suddenly happened to me. Without my realising it, my eyes closed on their own and it seemed to me that they turned inwards into my body, looking at my organs. I clearly saw my spinal column and, in particular, the area that had been causing me pain and you were healing at the time.”

These words were spoken to me by an astonished Ms. B on the first day that she came to the Society seeking help. I asked her to tell me exactly what she had felt and what she had perceived on her spinal column.

“To begin with, I did not see, I merely felt a power passing through me as you were holding my hand. This power flooded me, entering the whole of my body. Then, involuntarily, I began observing what was happening and feeling that this power was also my own. When it stopped at the coccyx, which had been causing me great pain, I began seeing its every detail. You, I and the point which was in pain became as one. I know, I am certain that I have been made well”.

[…] Her case was one of the most difficult, but also one of the most effective, regarding the healing provided to her. On the day when she visited me, she had pains in her coccyx and in her left leg. In order for her to walk, she was supported by two relatives holding her by her arms. She had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease for about a year before coming to the Society. She was at an advanced stage in which the swellings of the lymph glands had spread to numerous areas (spinal column, abdomen, groin). She had been operated upon twice and had been undergoing regular chemotherapy treatments, but the pains persisted, with the most recent located in the coccyx, where a new swelling was beginning to form.

Before I began the healing, we talked a little, in order to reveal the psychological cause of her illness. It was apparent from this conversation that Ms. B was a very dynamic person who always wanted things to turn out as they should and as she had planned them. But in order to achieve this, she constantly pressured herself and others and so lived in a continuous state of tension. This need for perfection was so binding upon her that her body became weary, eventually rebelling and falling ill. I told her that if she wanted to get well, she would have to alter her attitude towards life, to work without tension, and to simplify the everyday issues which caused her constant frictions.

Ms. B understood the problem and, most importantly, showed that she wanted by all means to be healed, believing in her power to achieve this. Indeed, as soon as I began the healing, she responded immediately, feeling the energy of the soul passing through her and uniting herself with it. The result was instantaneous. With the severe pains disappearing, she stood up and walked on her own as soon as we finished. A few days later, a blood test revealed that her white blood cell count had reached normal levels. Since then she has made excellent progress, with self-healing, as I had showed her, and with the healing section working on her behalf.

(You can find the book here.)

Abstracts from the book “The Path from Fear to Fearlessness” by Ioanna Dimakou


PrintAmong other things, I wrote that evening:

“This evening, I learnt to cope with a panic attack, by accepting this state of affairs as a natural reaction on the part of my self which, however, is unnecessary, since there is no longer any reason why it should exist. When my mind gives this order, my symptoms recede and I begin to be able to control them. In addition, I realised for the first time the mistake I’m making with regard to the problems of my fellow-men. And this, as the Master says, consists in the fact that I act emotionally, I identify with them, and I’m not aware that I shouldn’t want at all costs to provide the answer that I think is right, because this is given not by me, but by God, who judges that perhaps what seems good shouldn’t happen at that moment. I haven’t learnt, when I want to help others, to use my mind. Today, the pity – out of control – which I felt for the lady and the fact that I wanted at all costs to provide the solution which I thought right caused my panic attack. I must work in this direction, not to allow myself to act in this mistaken way.”

I have to say that the panic attack which I have described above was the last that I experienced. And to think that only two months had passed since my discipleship started. Of course, I have had intense symptoms in some cases and my fears may, to a certain degree, sometimes visit me, but now I have learnt how to guide them and overcome them.

(You can find the book here.)


Abstracts from the book “Experiences of a spiritual healer” by Kiki Keramida

– Chapter “Treatment of the side effects of chemotherapy,” p.54 –


It was a day like any other. I was coming and going inside the house, doing my housework, when at one point the phone rang. I heard a distressed and confused voice that I did not immediately recognise. “Mrs Kiki, please help me! I am in despair, I do not know what to do. I cannot breathe, my body will not obey me and I am shivering throughout. My hands and my feet have turned outwards!” I was shocked! Something like this had never happened to me before; so immediate, so urgent and serious. I had never encountered such panic as a spiritual healer. I soon realised that the girl calling me in so much agony was Maria who just a few days ago had undergone a cancer hysterectomy and was now receiving chemotherapy.

[…] As soon as I received her call that day, I immediately realised that Maria’s present condition was clearly due to the well-known painful side effects of chemotherapy. Without asking her for explanations, as I did not want to waste time, I hastily tried to reassure her, telling her that I would do whatever I could. We hanged up the phone and I retired to the room I used for performing all my internal tasks, meditations, healings etc. I delved into myself and concentrated on the patient. I mentally brought her in front of me and “enveloped” her with my thoughts in a clear, glowing light, imagining this light to be the power of God, the power of love and healing that permeated all parts of her body, in order to cleanse them. On my mind’s screen, Maria became light-filled, proof that she was receptive to the radiance, to the light I was sending her, as had been proven from the healing that she was already receiving from the group.

[…] My work lasted about a quarter of an hour. When focused on their work, spiritual healers gradually develop an intuition that shows them when the healing is complete for that particular occasion. After that there is nothing more for them to do, regardless of any apparent effects on the patients. So, as soon as I too felt that the healing was complete, without of course knowing what had happened to the patient, I proceeded to thank the Lord and resume my housework. My mind, however, was constantly on the patient trying to visualise her inside the light.

[…] Finally, the phone rang. It was indeed Maria, thrilled, touched and grateful for the results of the spiritual healing. Calm at last, she described to me in detail the course of her healing that only lasted a few minutes. As soon as she put the phone down, following our initial call, and after the short time which she estimated it took for me to begin the healing, the first painful symptoms began receding. Her hands and feet regained their normal position, her breathing found its calm rhythm and a sweet tranquillity spread throughout her body, soon passing deeper into her emotional world and soul. The panic disappeared completely and Maria finally regained herself.

(You can find the book here.)

Spiritual Healing Section

Spiritual Healing Section


The Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton operates since 1980, when the Society was founded; it presents a long-standing history of performing spiritual healing in Greece, as well as an outstanding tradition in offering systematic training for spiritual healers.

Those comprising this section are the spiritual healers who were taught the practice of spiritual healing by the Society’s founder as well as the more recent members who were inspired by this work and requested to also receive such training. Today, the spiritual healing training is facilitated and supervised by the director of Omilos, Mr Andreas Dritsas, who is an experienced spiritual healer for over thirty years and has been trained in spiritual healing next to the Master Dimitris Kakalidis.

During all these years, the spiritual healers of Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section have performed hundreds of proven healing cures; this work is continued to date at an everyday basis for all those who send their requests and it is offered free of charge and without any further obligation.

The function of this service is based on the philosophy and teaching offered by the Master, bringing the stance of selfless service; this is the principle that represents the basis of this esoteric teaching and its practical application, as taught at Omilos Eksipiretiton.

The spiritual healers perform ongoing spiritual healing not only to those requesting healing for specific health related issues but also work on the dissemination of spirituality for all those people in need, including issues that present concern at global and universal level.

“By diffusing spirituality and practicing spiritual healing they are able to bring about normalization of disturbances and create an aspiration for progress in the souls of the people, providing those appropriate conditions in which each society will be able to evolve spiritually and materially for the good of the whole humanity.”, (Laws of Spiritual Healing, p. 80)