Presentation of our Spiritual Healing Section at a Scientific Conference in London by the Ethnic Health Initiative (EHI)


On November 10th 2010, the Ethnic Health Initiative (EHI) presented the Spiritual Healing Section of the Servers’ Society at a conference held in London with the presence of the Head and other members of the Society. The title of the presentation was “The Practice of Spiritual Healing in Greece: A Positive Example of Approaching Health and Well-being from a Spiritual Perspective”.

In the presentation Omilos’ philosophy was introduced; a philosophy that can be practiced in a simple way in everybody’s life, leading both to the healing of certain physical or/and psychological illnesses and of every weak aspect that may afflict us. It was also highlighted that Spiritual Healing is not just a technique, but it is a life stance based on acknowledging that every person can actually be well.

The principles upon which the Society’s Healing Section is based, along with the way it functions and the training received by the spiritual healers were subjects developed during the presentation. Testimonials of people who were cured of various illnesses and were helped in all fields of their lives through Spiritual Healing were mentioned as well.

As it was further emphasized, there is no financial charge for anybody who asks for Spiritual Healing and that was a point that draw the attention and really impressed the participants. Further than that, becoming a member of the Society is not obligatory in order to receive the services of the Spiritual Healing section. A video depicting the Servers’ Society’s overall work completed the presentation.

In the conversation that followed and during the breaks of the conference, many mental health professionals expressed the desire to obtain further information on the Servers’ Society’s synthetic philosophical approach and its application in healing. What impressed most of them was the organized training that spiritual healers receive and the fact that both Spiritual Healing and the Society’s overall work take place without involving any financial gain. The English editions of our books were donated to university and mental health institution’s directors that were present in the conference, and they are going to be shelved in the libraries of their departments.