Our group: “Dealing with anxiety: lessons of joy from people who experience it”

group-dealing-with-anxietyThe group was created out of the spirit of Omilos’ selfless offering to people, and our attempt to support all those who seek simple and effective solutions to matters relating to anxiety and daily pressure. Seeing both the self and life from another perspective is, as it was shown in the group, another aspect of Spiritual Healing.

The group was addressed exclusively to non-members of Omilos and was completely free of charge. As it is with all of us who take part in the work of Omilos, the facilitators of this group, who are members of Omilos- spiritual healers and also professional psychologists with vast clinical experience, offered their time, knowledge and experience with no financial gain.

Through the learning by doing method the participants became familiarized with basic relaxation techniques and the meaning of self-observation. Various techniques for dealing with anxiety were discussed as well as ways of adopting a positive attitude towards ourselves and the world. Specific methods one can implement in everyday life in order to be well were also shared.

Groups on similar subjects taking place regularly in Omilos. Their aim being always in response to people’s need to be more balanced and have joy in their lives. Our new activities are soon to be announced. We invite you to join us!