Distant healing – Contact healing

What do we mean when we say “contact healing”? And what exactly is “distant healing”? Read more on these subjects in the following abstracts of the book “Spiritual Healing” by Mrs K. Lykiardopoulou

Spiritual healing is not tied down to personal contact because it is not based exclusively on the specific work which will be carried out on the patient in a certain specific way. It is carried out chiefly through the energy body of the healer, who is united with the patient, thus channelling to him the powers of the soul in his own energy body. But because the soul’s energy is not governed by the laws of form – it is not, that is to say, static and shaped into a particular form – the healer does not need to be with the patient. He can be united with him in terms of energy however far away he is, at any time of the day. The energy of the soul is not confined within the body alone, but spreads out all around it.

The healer who knows the soul’s potentialities by his will allows the soul’s energies to flow towards the patient, for them to be united with him, wherever he is, and to exert their healing power. Just as a mother has her child in her soul and remains near him when he is travelling away from home, so the healer follows his patient. The difference is that he has a knowledge of this function and for this reason the union which he makes with the patient is conscious and always has his healing as its purpose.

[…] I am dwelling a little on the explanation of this phenomenon because I re-gard it as necessary to understand that this too follows certain laws. Laws that may not be based on material objects and facts, but ‘laws’ which involve the world of the energies of the soul. There is no mystery in this operation. Its basis is the willed guidance of the energies with the purpose of an improvement in the energy flow of the patient. When this initial union takes place, the healer works in the energy body of the patient, exactly as he would do if he were near him.

One of the first patients whom we undertook to help was an elderly gentleman who had chronic bronchial troubles. We never saw him, because it was difficult for him to leave home, particularly in winter. We began daily work, because he suffered a great deal and could find no means of relief. After a week, his grandson, who had mediated on his behalf, told us that his grandfather was completely well and, moreover, no longer needed pharmaceutical help, as his doctor had told him. This was one of our first distance healings and, naturally, its success gave us particular pleasure.


‘Contact healing’, as has been explained above, is easily understood. What happens in ‘distance’ healing happens here also. The souls’ union is again built up and the healer works for the breaking down of the illness and the regaining of power at the points which are affected. He works with his hands, which he rests on the patient, or keeps at a small distance from him. His work again is carried out in the energy body of the patient, whose well-being is then conveyed from it to his physical body. Sometimes this happens immediately, in only a few minutes, and sometimes a short space of time is required for the energy to pass to the point affected. I shall give here two examples of a contact healing.

The first concerns Ms S, a member of the Society, who regularly attended a group for discussion and self-study. She came one evening to take part in the usual group, but had great difficulty in walking and had a limp in her left leg. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that on the day before, a discomfort in her knee had begun, she went to the doctor, and it was shown that fluid had collected there. She had to stay in bed and see what would be the outcome of this issue.

[…] I sat down next to her, put my hand on the knee which hurt, and began to transfer the eradiation there. After a few minutes, Ms S said that a quivering was passing through her leg from the knee to the sole of the foot. I continued the work and the feeling continued, giving her the impression that the pain was being lost in the floor; it was being earthed and disappearing. At some point, I sensed that the fluid was no longer under my hand and I asked Ms S to move her knee and to walk. As soon as she got up, she realised that she no longer had any pain, that she was not limping, and had absolutely no discomfort. The next day, the doctor confirmed that the fluid was completely gone.