Our group in London – November 2013

We travelled once again to London for 3 days, during which the Head of Omilos facilitated a group session open to all as well as Omilos’ self-study group in London.

On Saturday 30th of November 2013, the group session entitled “When spirituality emerges from within” took place at Arcola Theatre. There was vivid interest and participation by all those present, focusing on the discussion about Omilos’ teaching and the way it perceives the human being and life. At the end of the session, group members practiced chorodromena and meditation together. The attendees spent several hours together, during which there were further discussions about Omilos’ teachings.

omada_30-11-13_02   omada_30-11-13_01

In the days that followed, the Head of Omilos facilitated the self-study group based in London. This group meets on a weekly basis since spring time and those attending have the opportunity to study Omilos’ teaching and work upon self-knowledge.

The Head of Omilos offered new insights related to the teaching as well as systematic ways through which one can cultivate the self-observer and deepen the practice of meditation. He guided the group members through meditation and offered further answers to their questions, with specific reference to their everyday life. There was also the opportunity to offer spiritual healing sessions.

The UK members, together with attending the weekly sessions in London, they are also in regular contact with the group in Athens.

Our farewell was full of anticipation about our next gathering!