“Woman: the ultimate expression of spiritual healing” – our event in London

On the occasion of celebrating International Women’s day on Saturday 8th of March 2014, we organised a gathering at Arcola Theatre in Dalston, London.

Just few minutes walk from Dalston Kingsland station, this welcoming artistic and cultural host space of Arcola theatre was offered for the Society to bring together a multicultural audience of attendants (from Greece, UK, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Caribbean islands).

A lively and interesting presentation was delivered, focusing on the subject of the Woman’s Entity; this vast power and potential inherent in every woman, enabling her to constantly nurture, rejuvenate and develop everything she is occupied with.

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The presentation was followed by a vivid discussion where each participant expressed openly a wide range of questions, views and perspectives. What immersed in that exchange of ideas was the significance of an increasing need for the contemporary woman to set aside any ‘child-like’ or ‘immature’ attitude that leads her to a position of weakness, related to seeking constant validation and emphasised instead her inner dynamic stance of expressing her power and potential creatively, through an attitude of acceptance, receptivity and service; this is achieved via acquiring the ‘inner observer’ stance, through which she can embody and express the art and science of love.

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Those ideas were communicated and expressed also in an experiential way, through a series of dance-movement rituals, termed ‘Chorodromena’. More specifically, the attendants were introduced to one of those, called ‘Caryatides’, representing the female figures who stand as pillars at the Erechtion Temple at the Acropolis in Athens, symbolising the calling for contemporary women to also stand as pillars who support the ‘temple or scaffolding of the world’.

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Towards the end of the event, the group of attendants were invited to participate in group mediation, focusing on a visualisation about the esoteric grandeur of female nature and her spiritual entity and its expression in everyday life.

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Some of the comments of attendants included:

“thank you for such a wonderful gathering, I had such a great day and look forward to more sharing”

“Thank you for organising such an event; I came with a very heavy heart and spending this day with you has been very healing”.

  • Watch an abstract of the keynote speech that Ms Kostopetrou, the Head of Omilos Eksipiretiton, was invited to give in a previous conference on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.