“…I learnt to smile and enjoy the simple everyday moments…” – M.S.

“…I used to be a person full of anxiety, phobias and insecurities. From my childhood I used to have a deep grief in me and a denial for life and the frictions of everyday life.  Due to this function my body was always sick and as the tip of the iceberg I manifested severe spastic colon. Every difficulty or tension of everyday life was leading me to a feeling of panic and I was having uncontrolled bowel function. I visited many doctors and they said that the problem was psychosomatic but since there wasn’t any pharmaceutical treatment to offer cure, they ended up suggesting me to “learn to live with that”. My life at the time was an unbearable confinement and I reached the point where I wished to die.

Through the teaching of Omilos Eksipiretiton I stopped fearing the world and struggling to present a “perfect” image to others. I learnt to think positive and act in everyday life in a straight and simple way. I learnt to smile and enjoy the simple everyday moments. My body gained strength and I was gradually released from the excruciating symptoms of spastic colon. Now I can eat and be active without limitations and that is against all medical predictions…”

M.S. – High School Teacher, Graduate of the Department of Computer Science, University of Crete

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