“…maybe miracles happen after all…” – K.B.

– “Can you help me, please?” I was surprised. It was the first time the doctor was asking me to help her with her things…

“Yes, doctor”, I replied and I escorted her to her car.

– “Your father is well, very well. Patients rarely recover from the condition your father was in. He is very well… this is something one doesn’t see it happen easily…”

– “Well, doctor, maybe miracles happen after all…”

The above dialogue between the pathologist who knew my father for many years and myself took place about a month ago, during a routine visit to my father. A year ago, my father’s great health adventure began leading to him being bedridden… due to strokes and hospitalisation and with medical tests showing severe disturbance in every examination. Now, a year later, he is in a position to speak and write normally, to be free of discomfort and live with dignity. He can also write articles for a local provincial newspaper, as he has been doing for years. The change of my father’s health, cast’s light on the work done by the Healing Section of Omilos in the best possible way; and fills me with even more joy as a former member of the Healing Section.

I wish to all Strength for the continuation of Omilos’ Work, in general; and to all of you, who are probably most recent members in this Section, I would like to encourage you for your choice because, indeed, sometimes miracles do happen as long as we work for them as well.

We sincerely thank you from within our soul for the healing of my father.

K.B. – Agricultural Scientist

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