Theatrical performances by the Recreation Group of Omilos

“Congratulations for what you do, it is remarkable!”

“Well done for visiting places sheltering children. We thank you very much.”

“You gave us great joy and your performance was a big surprise for us here!”…where some of the praises showered on us by parents at the end of our performance at Aglaia Kyriakou children’s hospital which took place on Saturday 21 June 2014.

dsc_0023     dsc_0032

The hospital’s loud speakers announced our performance and soon our little friends with their parents arrived at the amphitheatre waiting for the play to begin.

When it did, they were watching with eyes full of excitement and it was not long before they started laughing with the selfish king, the clumsy guards and the playful bear who forgot where its cave was! Some kids were so excited they, got up on the stage with us, happy to join in the tale’s magic world.

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We received the same response on Sunday 22 June 2014, when we visited the child’s protection institution “The Mother”. This time children aged 3 to 4 came to watch our play.

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Hesitant at first, then full of curiosity for what was to follow, they watched with eyes wide open for the heros’ adventures and participated in their own way while the story unfolded on stage. At the end, all the children got up and together we all danced, whilst they held in their hands the gifts and ballons we gave them.

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We warmly thank all the children, their parents and those in charge at both Aglaia Kyriakou children’s hospital and the child’s protection institution “The Mother”!