“The doctor asked me what kind of healing I did and made the cyst disappear.” – V. E.

I would like to thank very much Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou and all the members of the healing group, for the therapy I received for my health problems.

Specifically, from 1998 until 2000 many problems started to appear both in terms of my psychological and physical health. I asked for spiritual healing from the Spiritual Healing Department of Omilos, while at the same time I was following the doctors’ instructions. Since then and up until today I have the following healings to mention.

I used to have many communication problems and conflicts with my daughter. Our relationship wasn’t good at all. Today all these don’t exist. Our conflicts have stopped and our communication is pretty good.

The second healing happened on eczemas. Suddenly, eczemas appeared on my feet with layers that looked like scales and progressed in depth. They didn’t cause me pain but they were very unsightly. I consulted many dermatologists and did many cures, but there was no improvement. On the opposite. At some point I stopped dealing with them. I trusted the Entity and spiritual healing. And the eczemas disappeared. Now three years have passed and they haven’t appeared again.

One more healing happened on a fibroid I had in my uterus. Today this fibroid doesn’t exist. The most recent healing happened in two cysts I had in my left ovary. One had a diameter of 4cm and the other 2cm. With spiritual healing the small cyst disappeared immediately while, the bigger one slowly shrunk until it disappeared completely as well. This was shown in the last examination when the doctor was thoroughly trying to find the cyst. He asked me what kind of healing I did and made the cyst disappear. For these cysts I didn’t take any medication.

The rest of my health problems, a node in my thyroid and the problem of osteoporosis, haven’t worsened, on the contrary, as the medical examinations show, their condition is improving significantly. For all these, and for many more, for everyday healings in the relationship with my husband, in my relationship with my students, for healing regarding members of my family, and also for the inexhaustible Love and the total interest for each person, which is generously offered by them, I thank, Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou and the members of the healing group of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

With honor,

V. E.

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