Healing of a number of illnesses

I would like to express my thanks to the healing section of the Servers’ Society for the healing of various illnesses. Because of the great anxiety and pessimism which had become a way of life for me, I had neurosis of the stomach and the beginnings of an ulcer. For three years, I had pains and a permanent flutter in the stomach. In the first months of my discipleship this problem ceased to exist. Later, I developed a problem of streptococcal precipitation of the blood and I was unable to stand on my feet even for seconds.

I sought the help of the healing section and of the Master of the Society. At that time, while I was unable even to take a step, when I came to the Society, I received so much strength that I was able to walk normally. The precipitation was cured, leaving me, however, with a heart murmur. When I asked the Master to carry out healing on me, I didn’t believe I would be totally cured, and yet with only one treatment the murmur was healed.

Finally, another health problem which I had in gynaecological matters, with the treatments carried out on me by the Master and by the team of healers began gradually to diminish, until finally they completely abated. I would like to express a big ‘thank you’ to the healing section and the Master, who sets its pace.