An overseas broadening of Omilos’ work

As part of broadening its work outside the boundaries of Greece, Omilos became a member of the cultural organisation “The Hellenic Centre” in London. (

The Hellenic Centre is a non-profit, non-govermental organisation whose mission is to provide a focal point for the Hellenic community and promote Greek culture and values by bringing together Greeks in the Diaspora and by nurturing the unique relationship between Britain and the Hellenic world.


During our last visit in London, we had a meeting with the administrative members of the Centre where we talked about Omilos’ social activity, our work on Greek Culture, Philosophy and Arts, as well as the Hellenic Centre’s goals and activities. We, also, donated to the Centre’s Library, two volumes of work: “The Wisdom of the Poem” and “The Wisdom of the Short Story” (published by Megas Seirios Publications), along with Omilos’ cards for contemplation and meditation which contain quotes of wisdom from Omilos’ teaching.

It was apparent in the course of our discussions that we shared the same interest and consideration for the promotion and growth of the Hellenic culture in all levels. This common interest led us to become a member of the organisation as a “Society Member”.

Following this collaboration, our first event to be hosted in the premises of Hellenic Centre will take place on the 18th of September 2015. The event will be on the subject of Greek poetry and literature, and how the hidden wisdom existing in the authors’ works may offer a new perspective in Life, as taught in Omilos’ method for analysing poetry and literature.

Stay tuned for more news and details regarding our work and presence in the UK.