“You will always be in us and with us!” – the speech of the Heads of Omilos for Mrs Klairi

On 15th of May 2015 we said our final goodbye to the President of Omilos, writer and spiritual healer Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou. Below we quote the speech of the Heads of Omilos:

“Through words we describe what we feel, yet this moment words are not enough.

Moved by your sudden leaving, overwhelmed by your love, everybody with no exception, is here to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unconditional offer, for 35 years, of support, knowledge, relief, healing. To express our infinite respect and to state to you –because we know that this is what mattered to you the most- that we will carry on the Work of the Master; the Work which you basically structured through the great work of writing books and essays, giving lectures and having conversations; through offering selfless Service to anyone in need and mostly through the establishment of Spiritual Healing.

You knew, as we know, that the Master had acknowledged you as the “Master of Omilos”, even if you didn’t want to tell that to people. And for that, you will always be a great spiritual field, a bright light and your example will be a beacon that will guide us towards what you have accomplished: the realization of Spirituality.

Thank you! You will always be in us and with us! We know it!”

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