Our 14th international seminar at Thermae Platystomou, 27-30 August 2015

“…the most beautiful part is when you feel that whatever you see with logic, are actualized and confirmed, and finally you feel them. Thank you for the love and togetherness you radiate so generously in all of Omilos’ events.”

Joy, togetherness and relaxation were the basic elements of the atmosphere in which our 14th seminar took place with the topic: “Open Mind is Like Open Soul”.

The four days of the seminar offered everyone an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. The greek mountain range and the healing baths of the area contributed to this, but mostly the warm ambience and unity of the group were the things that made this seminar unique for us all.

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Inner freedom was the essence of the seminar, and was proved to be something needed by all the participants. The subject matter was developed throughout the day with discussions at the programmed meetings of the seminar or during meals or at times of relaxation in the pool, during a walk or while having coffee. The heads of Omilos were available for any inquiry, clarification or personal matter for discussion.

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Daily meditative relaxations, chorodromena and poetry analysis gave even more ways not only for deepening into the great subject of inner freedom, but mostly about how we can experience it in our everyday life. Of course, there were moments of amusement proving once again that we can be in the flow of spirituality by participating in all happenings of our life.

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We warmly thank all the participants in our seminar: distinguished poets and authors, members and friends of Omilos, as well as members from our group in England.

Comments of the participants:

“For me the most interesting elements were the various discussions that took place, the freedom, the good mood and responsibility. A big thank you to all in Omilos for everything!”

“The most interesting element was the main subject, namely inner freedom, its multilateral dimension with examples. Because it was given in this way, it was more grounded and this is what helped me, I believe.”

“The exchange of ideas, the group activities, the interest the heads of Omilos showed during the seminar for the participants.”

“I discovered the thread! Thank you!”

“I liked that with a simple and effortless way you experience how it is to be a member of a group, which helps you to build the foundations within you for the ability to “open” to other members of the group and to express your thoughts, worries, inquiries etc. free from any phobia.”

“Chorodromena introduced me to the idea of spiritual approach through movement which I ultimately need.”