Discover the depth of Healing Meditation – 10 and 11 June 2016, London

Through meditation we learn to broaden our consciousness, we are released from thoughts and emotions that confine us and the path to well-being is revealed. Energy follows thought, and so the body is rejuvenated and activated, while our whole being regains new strength as the soul’s self-healing energies awaken.

The more we delve into this potential, the stronger the experience becomes; it becomes the state in which we continuously live and which we learn to put into practice, bringing new light to our everyday moments and healing to all aspects of our life.

Meditation is Art. It is the art of union; union with the infinite possibilities that exist within us, with other people, with all the things that we do daily, with life itself. It is part of a simple and practical philosophy that is taught, practiced and implemented by Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society), a non-profit society, est.1980 in Athens, Greece. Omilos’ philosophy aims at revealing the greatness of the human being, the potential of well-being that resides in every one of us and the ability we all have to express harmony and balance, by shattering self-imposed boundaries and firing up the self-healing powers – in the broader sense of healing our very life.

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