29 September 2017, 19:15, Hellenic Centre, London

Our event starts, Poetry and Logos lead the way and… “ I sing. I bear the chants, word and poetry, wisdom and clay”.

The second part of the poetic trilogy by D. Kakalidis starts to unfold. Following the flow of the poem, with recitation in Greek and English and analysis on the meanings and the ideas the poet conveys, we reach the end of the presentation; the people attending stay with us until late for…some more conversation, some more contact, some more of the poetry deriving from team work and the love for Logos.

“I am a Romanian fond of Greek culture, ancient and modern and today’s event held at the Hellenic Centre made me value and praise the impressive work of Dimitris Kakalidis. “And I sing. I bear the chants, word and poetry, wisdom and clay” was absolutely fantastic, touching the soul and mind and putting a smile and eventually a drop of enlightened spirit. Thank you also for the lovey initiative and great work of all the amazing volunteers that offered this event to us.

“Appreciating the unexpected gift-the best piece of work from the author. Thank you so much!”

“Even though I do not speak Greek, I liked very much the recitation in its original language. The Logos of D. Kakalidis has great, healing power”

“It was a professional presentation. Immediate, alive, powerful with nothing pretentious”

The Greek TV Channel “Hellenic TV” and the exquisite journalist Mr. Vasilis Panayis were there to record our event and present it to the Greek community in London and not only.

Besides, following the English translation and publication of the book the “Wisdom of the Poem” we gave an interview for the book, the method through which we deepen into literature and poetry and our work overall. Stay tuned; soon both shows will be presented!

Watch the event on video as it was broadcasted by the HellenicTV channel in London: