“The Miracle of Spiritual Healing” – Ninon Kampouri, writer-poetess


It is a rare occurrence when a human being has nothing that torments them. There are various problems, financial, family, and especially health problems. They suffer – and often make others suffer – and are disappointed when their efforts to be cured do not bear results and they become miserable. They think they are alone and without help. And yet… there are people who, when we ask them, are always by our side and actually help us. They take interest in us with love and devotion, as if they are our siblings. I had the fortune – during a period of personal misfortune – to meet them, to be taught alongside them, to be helped by them. They are the spiritual healers of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society). I have referred to their work many times – even in my recent autobiography – and I still do, as a small token of love and appreciation, admiration, and even emotion, I may say. Most of them are direct disciples of the founder and Master of Omilos Eksipiretiton, the philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, and they continue this pious work – an offer to the fellow human being.

The reason for my writing all this is the healing that I recently received from the group of spiritual healers of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

On 24/11/2017 I suddenly started to feel pain under my earlobe, soon the pain moved to the front part of the ear and a swelling began in the gland under my ear. I started to worry and, knowing that I couldn’t easily take medicines due to allergies, I avoided going to the doctor. I tried to communicate with my homeopathic doctor but she was unavailable at that time. I phoned at Omilos and told Mrs E. what was happening – she also recommended that I see a doctor – but even as we were talking, the Spiritual Healing had started. Before our phone call was over I felt calmer from the fear that had possessed me, and when I touched the spot where the focus of the pain was, I found that the swelling had gone down in a few minutes!

The pain started to become more “friendly”, I didn’t feel it as aggressive as before, and the point of inflammation started to change, as if my body was trying to unite it with its other parts that weren’t suffering.

I also started to monitor this unfolding of events esoterically and with love. In the meantime I also communicated with my doctor who knows and respects the fact that I am often helped by the spiritual healers of Omilos, and she was content to suggest the use of a homeopathic medicine, if I needed it after all. I didn’t need it because the pain and the swelling were gradually subsiding. This continued for a few hours and towards the evening I felt that I was receiving Spiritual Healing again. In very little time it was all over!

My joy was not only due to the fact that something potentially serious had been overcome, but also because of the feeling that there are guardians – brethren of ours who embrace us and help us.

I thank you from my heart,

Ninon Kampouri