We are happy to share with you the news of the publication of the second volume of the work “The Wisdom of the Poem” in English.

With this second volume, the translation of the book from Greek to English is now complete.

“The Wisdom of the Poem” is a book which the spiritual world of Greece, distinguished writers, poets, critics, academics have characterised as “a work of great inspiration” that “non other alike exists”, “an original work that opens new paths to the study of poetry”.

In this volume, 48 poems of contemporary Greek poets are analyzed by D. Kakalidis through the method of analysis which renowned littérateurs of Greece have called the “Kakalidis method”; this method gives prominence to the hidden wisdom of each poem and shows that through the Word and through the symbols, the creators each time convey the panhuman message of the potential for spiritual uplifting and broadening that exists within every human being.

To publish this volume we worked with lots of love, care and passion, as we also did for the first one. We paid attention to every detail both on the aesthetic and artistic aspect as well as in relation to the accuracy and careful editing of the translation.

Our goal is for the English-speaking readers to have a complete edition in their hands that will convey the flow of the Word and the meanings of the poems and their analyses at most.

So, we deliver in your hands our newest edition and wish you to enjoy and deepen into it!