Our Byzantine Music presentation at Morley College, London (12-10-2018)

“It was a spectacular presentation…. The atmosphere was beautiful… I have no words, except for beauty.”

“A most enlightening and enjoyable experience! An interesting presentation…. Thank you!”

12 Oct 2018. One day after our poetic presentation at the Hellenic Centre, it was time for our Byzantine Music presentation at Morley College.


Before we give you a taste of this event, we would likour Byzantine Music presentation at Morley Collegee to wholeheartedly thank Morley College and the Professor and exceptional musician Mr. D. Karidis for their cooperation and hospitality, and for the way they embraced this event and for their cordial response.

You know, it is sometimes difficult to describe with words an event that for its largest part was music, melodies and participation from the audience. Of course there was no shortage of historic references about Byzantine art and music, the elements of its origins, its basic characteristics and its evolution, but what we really wanted to give was the experience of the music through the live chanting and the interactive part of the presentation, where everyone from the audience without exception – even though they did not know the language as they were a truly multicultural audience – participated by chanting!

Yet, how can one describe the union of us all, of an entire room full of people, into one group, one voice?
How can you talk about the communion and the expression of spirituality through art?
And what can one say about the human contact and the lively conversations that took place with the audience for quite a long time afterwards, until we had to leave because the college that was hosting us was closing?

Thankfully there is enough audiovisual material to describe this outstanding evening! We cite some of the comments from those who attended below:

Thank you for an interesting and fun evening. I’m glad we had a chance to have a go!

It has been a wonderful experience with educational values. Thank you for allowing us to participate in chanting. Wishing you all the best with spreading the world of love.

I thank you warmly for the commendable effort. Please continue with your wonderful actions and I hope to see you again soon! With my warmest regards!

Once more we thank everyone who participated and made this experience unique and memorable for us too!!

Watch our presentation here: