Three days of spirituality (London 01-03 Feb. 2019)

At the beginning of February, we found ourselves in London where we met with the Self Study Group of London, and through discussions about spirituality in everyday life, both in the context of the group and on a personal level with the members of the group, we delved into a different way of thought and action.

Additionally, in a full three days at the Health Centre Women + Health, a registered charity based in London, we carried out appointments for Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Free Discussion Groups, as well as individual appointments with the Centre’s members and visitors.   

All the hours for appointments had already been booked from very early on, and new people who were interested in finding out about the philosophy and action of Omilos were arriving all the time. The President of Omilos along with a Group of Spiritual Healers responded promptly to every request, as always.   

There was a great turnout for the meditation and discussion groups. The group was expanding the circle constantly, additional chairs were added again and again as more and more people arrived to participate. The topic? The Poetry of Life itself, its magic and its Miracle and how we can experience it every single moment! Questions, thoughts, concerns and the sharing of experiences from the meditation and the contact with us kept us all together talking until late at night.   

And as one of the participants in the meditation group, who had also come for the first time to our seminar in Greece in December, characteristically said, addressing the others in the group: “You should know that wherever Omilos goes, I will go too! What I experience every time is so powerful and healing!”