“…Finally I can have my life back…” – Thank you letter to the Spiritual Healing Section

“I would like to thank you for the help you provide me through spiritual healing. From the moment I asked for your help and shortly after, I started seeing improvement to my health issue, and specifically to the strong pain in my lower back and my left hip.

Since I had done what was medically possible, following doctors’ instructions without seeing any result, I turned to the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton and finally I can have my life back without the pain that had me pinned down and I wasn’t able to walk. The pain was diminished and now I can walk again as before.

One more thing that I asked for help was with my sleep issue at night. Of course with your help this has also improved significantly.

I thank you very much…”

The function of the Spiritual Healer – video

“Spiritual healing means that I practise and express the energies and forces of the soul, that I become the medium through which the ontological, mental and spiritual strength is delivered, and that I consciously convey this to the patient in order for them to get well.”

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“…this healing was a real revelation for us, a confirmation that the miracle is always all around us” – K.S.

The last possible due date had passed, and my wife was admitted to hospital, but after 3 days of waiting, anxiousness and the ordeal and effort to give birth with induced labour, the baby still hadn’t been born. On the third night, we reached out to Omilos Eksipiretiton and requested spiritual healing. Literally minutes later, my wife’s waters broke, she started to give birth naturally and a little while later, our son was born healthy. The entire process took place with incredible speed, with nearly no pain and with very good coordination between midwives and nurses. Doctors, midwives, everyone was baffled, and they were constantly coming to see us and wondering how it was possible for this to happen so suddenly, painlessly and so quickly.

Whenever I think about what we experienced through this healing, I feel an incredible flow going through me and electrifying me. It was a real revelation for us, a confirmation that the miracle is always all around us and when we seek it out, we experience it. The healing helped to resolve the entire field of the previous days (different views, stay-leave, anxiety, tension, you are in labour – you aren’t in labour, etc.) that had blocked the birth, and I am sure that this impossible situation would have come to its worst. You really helped us. However many thanks I say, though, they are not enough to repay what was given to us so generously, so instantaneously, so truly, and so selflessly.  

K.S., England

“…As a result, he was able to get rid of all supporting systems and get out of hospital.” – S.C. & B.K.

My husband was admitted to hospital with serious pneumonia (because of Covid) and one step away from being intubated, they put him on an oxygen machine. In the following days, he had such a spectacular improvement, that not even the doctors could believe it. As a result, he was able to get rid of all supporting systems and get out of hospital. The only thing we can say is a huge thank you to the entire Spiritual Healing group for all the healings that they did and helped him to quickly overcome the danger, not have any problems and be with his family again. Always be well!

S.C. and B.K., Greece  

“Thank you for the moral support and the spiritual healing” – I.S.

About a year ago, I had a pre-cancer lesion in my stomach. There was no medicine to cure it, I just had to be careful of what I ate and drank. I did an endoscopic examination last week and the pathology report was clear. The lesion and discomfort in my stomach had gone away. Thank you very much for the moral support and the spiritual healing you offered me. 

I.S., Turkey