Three days of spirituality (London, 07-09 June 2019)

Three days of spirituality (London, 07-09 June 2019)

Our days in London were full, as were the days at Women + Health, a non-profit health centre, where for three days we carried out appointments for Spiritual Healing, meditation, relaxation and open discussion groups, as well as personal appointments with the centre’s clients.

Once more, all of the appointments were booked, the centre was filled with familiar, but also many new faces, and the interest that the people took in our actions and work remained undiminished throughout. With extra appointments beyond the regular ones being booked and the long discussions taking place both in the groups and on a personal level, we could do nothing else but respond from our hearts to the requests and the need.

Our meetings with the members of the Omilos London Self Study Group were also on a daily basis, both in the context of the group and in individual personal appointments.

The words of the President of Omilos, Mr. A. Dritsas, about the Entity that exists within every human being, reached the depths of every person:

“It is important to learn who we are. We are not just flesh and bones, with a few feelings and thoughts.

Within us exists the Entity, the infinite capability to be well, the entire Universe.

This is what we apprentice in at Omilos, that the Entity exists within us and in the same way in everybody else. And that all human beings are within us.

The spiritual person is the person who has realised and experienced this, that the Entity exists within them.

It is this knowledge and the realisation of the Entity within us which gives us strength and harmony. Which enables us to be well…”

Some practical examples and discussions on the specific subject followed. The experiences of the group members, but also of people who were meeting us for the first time, from the simple implementation of this in their everyday lives were more than revealing:

“Doing the exercise helped me to calm down and bring balance to my emotions.”

“With the exercise I found I woke up in the morning alert and full of energy for the day ahead”

“I also woke up earlier than usual in the morning and with no tendency to go back to sleep, as I usually do. I was active and I did things that I had been postponing for a while now. I felt that there was a continuous current of energy which helped me to constantly actualize…”

“When I got home last night, I could see my husband looking tired. As I did the exercise at the time, I realised that the Entity exists within him as well. At this point I went to kiss him and asked how he was. He responded that now he was feeling much better…”

“Before now I thought of Entity as something far away outside of me. But now, with this exercise, I realised the Entity is alive within me…”

“Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without any financial gain.” – Spiritual Healing Thank you Letter

“Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without any financial gain.” – Spiritual Healing Thank you Letter

3 February 2019

I suffered from mouth ulcers for about two years. The ulcers even spread to my throat area, causing me a lot of pain and discomfort.

During this period, I was referred by my doctor to a number of hospitals, had various tests and was prescribed different medications. However, neither of them worked and I didn’t even get a diagnosis.

About four months ago, I shared this problem with Omilos’ spiritual healers during one of their visits to London. Since then, I received face to face, as well as distant healing.

The result is EXCELLENT!

Finally, I am free of these ulcers and enjoy again eating, drinking and talking without any pain and discomfort.

I am so grateful to Omilos for healing this problem.

Thank you for offering such a great service to everyone without even any financial gain.

G. T. 

Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women+Health, London

Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women+Health, London

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health, Camden, London!

Join our group and learn how to relax the body, emotions and thoughts and bring harmony and balance within you and around you.

The group takes place every Sunday at 17:00.

The entry is free!

For more information: 07960 797435
Address: 4 Carol Street, Camden, London, NW1 0HU

“…the spiritual healer works for the creation of healers’ groups in a planetary level…”

“…the spiritual healer works for the creation of healers’ groups in a planetary level…”

“We must say here that a spiritual healer is not only the one who limits oneself to healing certain patients. The complete spiritual healer is the one who performs spiritual healing and works for the creation of healers’ groups in a planetary level for the resolution, and, as we could say, for the healing of world problems, that is, of famine, of natural disasters and of ecological “illnesses”, since the planet is “ill” at an ecological level. More generally, the spiritual healer works for the preventive therapy, the spiritual therapeutics and for healing in the form of offering help to those who hold the fates of the world in their hands, as they are found in several positions of responsibility: political, social etc.”

Abstract from the book “Laws of Spiritual Healing” by Dimitris Kakalidis





Spiritual Healing is practiced and taught at Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society) since 1980 by experienced and trained spiritual healers who have been studying the realm of spiritual healing and spirituality for many years.

When referring to spiritual healing, it is useful to clarify what this is not; spiritual healing is not an alternative therapy or some kind of energy-based technique. When using the term ‘spiritual healing’, we refer to the pure manifestation of the ontological field and the conscious alignment of the healer with it, with the purpose of resolving the health issue presented by the person requesting to receive it.

Thus, spiritual healing is always performed by spiritual healers without claiming any financial or other benefit.


There have been numerous manifestations of complete healing during all these years, both for all kinds of physical illnesses and mental disorders and also for substance addiction problems; we are constantly receiving new applications requesting spiritual healing, from people residing in Greece and abroad.

Through navigating our web-page, you will discover all relevant and accurate information about what spiritual healing is and the ways it is performed; you will also find out information about the Spiritual Healing Section at Omilos Eksipiretiton, its founder and those continuing his work to date.

The Founder Dimitris Kakalidis

The Founder Dimitris Kakalidis

DASKALOS_sliderThe Master believed that a person possesses both the potential to be well and the power to heal; not through some theoretical approach but through his deep union with the truth, with the ontological dimension of all things.

He didn’t limit the human being in its body, feelings and thoughts but saw in each person a magnificent spiritual being that can express the power, will, love and wisdom, to transform his daily life in a life of happiness and creation – and help others do the same.

He was conscious of the unity between himself and others, and that is why he taught spiritual healing not only as a means of healing illnesses of any kind, but above all as a way of life, as a firm position of offer and response to every need with sincere interest and selfless love.

And so he attracted around him people who wanted to be taught and realize his teaching and change their life. They became his disciples and in 1980 the Master founded Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society) with the vision of the emergence of the human innate spiritual nature.

He proved his teaching with his every action, with his whole life as well as with the spiritual healing performed for many years to people asking for his help either on a physical or a psychological level. A lot of health problems were completely cured, while persons with psychological disorders were able to find balance in their lives.

He taught spiritual healing to his disciples and guided the structure of the Healing Section of Omilos, systematizing the healers’ work, covering in this way the continually rising need for spiritual healing by contact as well as distant healing.

He wrote poetry collections and literary books infused with his teachings where spiritual healing takes the form of revelation of the deep truth about humanity and the universe, the unity of Mind and Matter. He also wrote the book “Laws of Spiritual Healing” describing the inconceivably expanded and at the same time, particularly specific function of spiritual healing and the spiritual healer.

He was married and had two children. He passed away in 1995, but his teachings remain fully alive and his vision continues to be the motivating force of his disciples, who carry on to this day the work of spiritual healing, the work of revealing our spiritual nature, the work of a life of fulfillment and bliss.

Laws of Spiritual Healing

Laws of Spiritual Healing


The book “Laws of Spiritual Healing” by Dimitris Kakalidis is the most precious source of knowledge, wisdom and guidance for the spiritual healers of Omilos, given that in its pages, one can find all the relevant teachings and the essence of spiritual healing practice.

You can read an extract from this volume below:

“I put my hand and the body vibrates, the soul pulsates.

The patient must be embraced through the healer’s arms and the healer must regard these arms as the arms of nature, the arms of the world, the arms of God.

The healer’s hands must be considered to be – because this is what they truly are – the hands of all beings, visible and invisible ones, even the hands of the very patient he is healing. In one word: the fiery hands of the Sun. The healer must believe that he has no hands of his own. The healing hands are the hands of all beings, that is the hands of the Entity and the healer simply makes use of them.”


“We must say that within human beings, there is an anxious search for the beautiful, the perfect, the ideal in general terms, since humanity in its total has not yet learnt to acknowledge the Entity in everything. For this reason, it is the spiritual healer’s duty to project – revealing it in the simplest way, always through dialectics – the beautiful as the good, the moral as the perfect and the perfect as the totality of the possible imperfections. For this reason, it is his duty to do this both when he teaches selfhealing to patients, individuals or groups and when he himself performs healing to them. The perfect and the ideal are what is always revealed after the admission of the positive and negative aspects or situations and general functions of the Entity.”

Klairi Lykiardopoulou

Klairi Lykiardopoulou

K-KLAIRI_BIOKlairi Lykiardopoulou was a pioneer in the practice of spiritual healing in Greece; she had been serving as the Head of the spiritual healers group of Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society), who perform healing sessions on a daily basis, since 1980. She was the director of Omilos for over three decades.

As a disciple of the Master she received his teachings on self awareness and spiritual healing not only as a specific healing practice for all illnesses but also as a way of life.

Through his guidance, she developed Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section and organised the delivery of spiritual healing training for its members. She had been the responsible facilitator for this training group for numerous years and she dedicated herself in authoring all relevant training literature for spiritual healers, drawing from the teachings she received herself as a disciple.

She was continuously receiving spiritual healing requests on a daily basis and she offered thousands of healing sessions to those facing a variety of concerns, in relation to their health, their personal and family life and so on. Her countless well-proven spiritual healing sessions, were bringing total results, always through a selfless service approach, about which she received a plethora of thank-you letters.

She completed a vast number of writings, including 20 published books, in which she presents and disseminates vivid personal experiences stemming from her spiritual life and discipleship; in her published work, she presents in-depth accounts relating to a wide range of issues, conveyed through specific examples of the challenges of daily living.

Her book titled ‘Spiritual Healing’ is one of the first in Greece on this topic. Various extracts from this book have appeared on a regular basis in newspapers of wide readership, provoking many responses from the readership audience who wanted to meet her personally and discover the work of Omilos. She had been interviewed by the radio and the TV, discussing the significance of our discovering and expressing our true nature.

Klairi Lykiardopoulou continued -always free of charge- having personal appointments and performing spiritual healing work at Omilos, both through responding to contact healing and distant healing requests, until her passing in 2015. She was a living example of a dedicated and inspirational spiritual healer across the world.

Spiritual Healing Section

Spiritual Healing Section


The Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton operates since 1980, when the Society was founded; it presents a long-standing history of performing spiritual healing in Greece, as well as an outstanding tradition in offering systematic training for spiritual healers.

Those comprising this section are the spiritual healers who were taught the practice of spiritual healing by the Society’s founder as well as the more recent members who were inspired by this work and requested to also receive such training. Today, the spiritual healing training is facilitated and supervised by the director of Omilos, Mr Andreas Dritsas, who is an experienced spiritual healer for over thirty years and has been trained in spiritual healing next to the Master Dimitris Kakalidis.

During all these years, the spiritual healers of Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section have performed hundreds of proven healing cures; this work is continued to date at an everyday basis for all those who send their requests and it is offered free of charge and without any further obligation.

The function of this service is based on the philosophy and teaching offered by the Master, bringing the stance of selfless service; this is the principle that represents the basis of this esoteric teaching and its practical application, as taught at Omilos Eksipiretiton.

The spiritual healers perform ongoing spiritual healing not only to those requesting healing for specific health related issues but also work on the dissemination of spirituality for all those people in need, including issues that present concern at global and universal level.

“By diffusing spirituality and practicing spiritual healing they are able to bring about normalization of disturbances and create an aspiration for progress in the souls of the people, providing those appropriate conditions in which each society will be able to evolve spiritually and materially for the good of the whole humanity.”, (Laws of Spiritual Healing, p. 80)

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (07-09/06/2019)

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (07-09/06/2019)

Friday (07-06-2019) to Sunday (09-06-2019)

Women & Health, Camden, London

This summer, we begin the fourth year of our continuing and successful collaboration with the non-profit centre “Women & Health”.

Spiritual Healing appointments
(all three days)
Meditation and Open Discussion Groups
(Saturday and Sunday, at 17.00 after the last Spiritual Healing appointments)

Individual appointments are also available upon request.

All our activities are offered free of charge,
but we welcome donations in support of our work, which is entirely based on selfless offer.

Anyone and everyone who will be in London then!

It is an opportunity to get to know first-hand the practical philosophy of Omilos,
but also to experience in simple ways the Miracle of every moment!

tel.: 07960 797435

We can’t wait to meet you!


“I really am very thankful for the love and light you have taught me and shown unconditionally” – Thank You Letter

I wanted to say thank you so much to you and to all of Omilos for your non-stop kindness, love, support and help.

You have changed my life for the better, and I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with you in 2012.

It’s been 7 years now, and I had this reflection and realisation today.

I really am very thankful for the love and light you have taught me and shown unconditionally.

God bless you,


Three days of spirituality (London 01-03 Feb. 2019)

Three days of spirituality (London 01-03 Feb. 2019)

At the beginning of February, we found ourselves in London where we met with the Self Study Group of London, and through discussions about spirituality in everyday life, both in the context of the group and on a personal level with the members of the group, we delved into a different way of thought and action.

Additionally, in a full three days at the Health Centre Women + Health, a registered charity based in London, we carried out appointments for Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Free Discussion Groups, as well as individual appointments with the Centre’s members and visitors.   

All the hours for appointments had already been booked from very early on, and new people who were interested in finding out about the philosophy and action of Omilos were arriving all the time. The President of Omilos along with a Group of Spiritual Healers responded promptly to every request, as always.   

There was a great turnout for the meditation and discussion groups. The group was expanding the circle constantly, additional chairs were added again and again as more and more people arrived to participate. The topic? The Poetry of Life itself, its magic and its Miracle and how we can experience it every single moment! Questions, thoughts, concerns and the sharing of experiences from the meditation and the contact with us kept us all together talking until late at night.   

And as one of the participants in the meditation group, who had also come for the first time to our seminar in Greece in December, characteristically said, addressing the others in the group: “You should know that wherever Omilos goes, I will go too! What I experience every time is so powerful and healing!”

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

“thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience” – Impressions from our winter seminar

Dear Omilos-Eksipiretiton,

I just wanted to write to you to say what a wonderful experience I had at the winter retreat in December and more amazingly what a positive impact it had on my blood pressure.

I was determined to come to the retreat as I had been unable to come in the past years because I had been on dialysis. Now a short time after my kidney transplant when I no longer need to be hooked up to a dialysis machine I had every-will to make the trip to Athens and then to the hotel in the mountains, and I am so glad I did…

…Before my trip I had a period of great stress relating mostly to work and the general lifestyle in London. When I got to Athens I was exhausted, but I was greeted at the airport by Omilos’ members who very kindly dropped me off at the hotel and looked after me with such kindness and compassion throughout my trip- thank-you all.

In Athens I was so excited and happy to see the Omilos building and meet everyone.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming, even in my tired state, I felt my soul being awakened. After a couple of days in Athens we were ready to drive up to the mountains and the retreat hotel…

…I found it relaxing attending the daily meditation sessions after breakfast and the talks and meditation in the evenings.  During meditation I felt very calm, slowly let go of the stress and exhaustion and I sensed the calmness and acceptance of everyone in the room. I got a lot of hugs, felt the warmth and care from everyone and in return felt a deep sense of care and love for everyone there.  I just felt looked after in a way I have not felt in so long.

When I got back to London I noticed something I had not expected, first of all the sense of calm and serenity I had developed with everyone stayed with me for a good couple of weeks.  I was able to gently manage stressful situations without feeling stressed, I was able to accept people at work I had previously had conflict with, but most amazing of all when I measured my blood pressure on multiple occasions I noticed it had come down to a normal blood pressure and I did not need to take my blood pressure tablets for about 10 days.  Some might say that blood pressure change was due to the climate and pressure change from the mountains.  But in reality, I was not up in the mountains long enough to have this affect. I am sure the normalisation of my blood pressure was because of meditation, the calmness, the good clean air, the sense of being looked after and ultimately release and letting of stress and being around the wonderful spiritual people.

So thank-you, it was an incredible spiritual experience and I’m glad I was able to come.

January 2019 

S. N. 

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Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (01-03/02/2019)

Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (01-03/02/2019)

Once more we prepare for London. There, the Self-study Group of Omilos is waiting for us and is eager to meet for interesting discussions and personal appointments.

Moreover, in the context of our collaboration with the health centre “Women + Health”, a registered charity based in London, appointments for Spiritual Healing will take place every day from 01/02 to 03/02, and on 02/02 and 03/02 after the Spiritual Healing appointments, at 17.00, there will be meditation and free discussion groups, as well as personal appointments with the centre’s members and visitors.

For all our friends in London, it is also an opportunity to participate so as to get to know first-hand the practical philosophy of Omilos, and to experience through simple means the Miracle of every moment!

Free entry!

For bookings:


tel.: 07960 797435