Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou’s radio interview regarding the work of Omilos

Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou’s radio interview regarding the work of Omilos

Enjoy Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou’s radio interview regarding the work of Omilos.

“Mrs Klairi”, as she was known to everyone, had been the President of Omilos for more than 30 years.

She was a woman with free spirit who dedicated herself completely to the work of selfless service to the fellow human being.

As part of her multifaceted work in Omilos, she has written 20 books and she has given many interviews in radio,TV and newspapers on the work of Omilos, the infinite potential of the human being and the improvement of every day life and human relationships.

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We invite you to our poetic presentation “Logos the Third” at the Hellenic Centre, London 11-10-2018

Following our previous successful events at the Hellenic Centre, London, which were also presented by the tv station Hellenic TV, this October we are holding a new event titled “Echoing Word… from the infinite to the world, from the world to the human, from the human to the self.” The journey is fulfilled. A poetic trilogy of the contemporary Greek poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis.

At the event we will present the work “Logos The Third” which is the third part of the poetic trilogy by Dimitris Kakalidis. We have already presented the other two parts “Concealed Lotus of Manifestation” and “Fallen Paradise Holy Matter” both at the Hellenic Centre in London, and at the Greek Literary Society and our premises in Greece.

A poetic trilogy, three stations of the humans’ journey, of every human, of the entire humankind towards the revealing of the greatness within and around them. The first stop is the narration of the Creation’s miracle; the second one is the point where the entire physical world is elevated to its true, spiritual nature; and the third stop is the poetic work “Logos the Third”, to which this presentation is dedicated. There, the human being passes into another state, deep, internal, unwavering. There, the human being sees that it is One with Nature, with the Creation, with the other Humans, with Life.

The spiritual world of Greece has stated about this work: “Once more enchanted we admired the radiant and deep Word of the Poet-Intellectual. We studied with absorbing attention its timeless content. It is illuminated in its entirety by a bright and reviving light of inconceivable spirituality and beauty.”

The presentation Third” will be held in Greek and English.

Entry is free.

Bookings at 07960797435 or at


Our event at the Hellenic Centre (23/09/16) “through the lens of Hellenic TV”

Our event at the Hellenic Centre (23/09/16) “through the lens of Hellenic TV”

Our event that took place at the Hellenic Centre on 23rd of September 2016, was broadcasted by the London based Greek TV channel “Hellenic TV” in the program “Through the lens of Hellenic TV”.

In the event that was titled, “Beyond the earth, beyond the mind, beyond the myth, a story true: a poetic trilogy by the contemporary Greek poet & philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis” we presented D. Kakalidis’ poetic trilogy “The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation”, “Fallen Paradise Holy Matter” and “Logos the Third”.

In this video you can watch the entire event along with the interview with two of the speakers taken by V. Panayis, after the completion of the event and whom we warmly thank as well as the Hellenic TV for its support.

Ade Durojaiye’s interview on Hellenic TV in London

Ade Durojaiye’s interview on Hellenic TV in London

Ade Durojaiye, a member of Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers’ Society) was invited to the weekly TV Show “Faces”, hosted by journalist and poet Mr Vasilis Panayis of the Hellenic TV in London.

The occasion for the interview was Ade’s first book, “You can open your eyes now”, which is published by Megas Seirios publications. Ade spoke about the book, which is based mostly on his own experience and true events, and the difficulties he faced in life. He also spoke about his interaction with Omilos and how this helped him gain a new and broadened view of life, to be well, to participate dynamically in life and to be creative.

Ade also spoke about the work of Omilos in England and the self-study group that takes place there. We warmly thank Mr Panayis for the hospitality.

You can watch the whole interview below:

Our event “The Wisdom of the Poem – an innovative approach” at the Hellenic Centre, London (Part 4)

Watch the analysis of the poem “Because I deeply praised” by A. Sikelianos, that was presented through the method of analysis with which we work in Omilos.
The presentation triggered many questions and thoughts that led to a vivid discussion amongst those attending our event “The Wisdom of the Poem-an innovative approach”, in September at the Hellenic Centre, London.

“When I started to come here today I didn’t imagine at all any of the things I listened to. Thank you a lot! I am interested in all your work and I wish to attend your group in London.”

“I believe it is an excellent effort to analyse poetry”

“It was a very professional presentation. I felt great calmness and tranquility as you spoke”

Read more about our event “The Wisdom of the Poem – an innovative approach” here.