Omilos’ Interview on the Hellenic TV Channel of London

Omilos’ Interview on the Hellenic TV Channel of London

The work and activities of Omilos were presented in an interview at the Hellenic TV Station, the first non English-speaking channel in the UK now broadcasting to over a million viewers worldwide. The interview was hosted by the exceptional journalist, poet and actor Vasilis Panayis, on his Sunday afternoon show “Faces”.

The interview was an all-inclusive discussion about the philosophy and activities of Omilos, both in Greece and London. We talked about the Self-study Group in London, the organization of free-entrance day events, speeches and presentations but also our participation in international scientific conferences.

Particular interest was also directed on our forth-coming event organised for 18th of September 2015 at the Hellenic Centre in London concerning the analysis and deepening into poems of K. Kavafis and A. Sikelianos through the approach upon which we work in Omilos.

Audiences also had the opportunity during the programme to see a short video about Omilos activities, projecting a vivid image of the discussions that had taken place.

We thank the show’s host and presenter and the Hellenic TV for their warm hospitality.

The spiritual person Dimitris Kakalidis

The Master believed that a person possesses both the potential to be well and the power to heal; not through some theoretical approach but through his deep union with the truth, with the ontological dimension of all things.

He didn’t limit the human being in its body, feelings and thoughts but saw in each person a magnificent spiritual being that can express the power, will, love and wisdom, to transform his daily life in a life of happiness and creation – and help others do the same.

He was conscious of the unity between himself and others, and that is why he taught spiritual healing not only as a means of healing illnesses of any kind, but above all as a way of life, as a firm position of offer and response to every need with sincere interest and selfless love.

And so he attracted around him people who wanted to be taught and realize his teaching and change their life. They became his disciples and in 1980 the Master founded Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society) with the vision of the emergence of the human innate spiritual nature.

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Self Development – Meditation – Relaxation


The Spiritual Center “Omilos Eksipiretiton”(the Servers’ Society) serves a new integrative philosophical approach, that aims at teaching us how to live life in a substantial way and how to be well in all aspects of our lives just by using simple practical ways. 

Through the many groups operating in Omilos and through selfless service to our fellow people we gain the true Knowledge of the Self. This knowledge transforms our everyday lives into a true miracle!


Meditation and Relaxation

The contemporary way of life does not help us be calm, so as to face the difficulties of everyday life in a dynamic way. As a result, we are often influenced negatively and become overwhelmed by fatigue, disappointment or a sense of weakness.

One method for achieving calmness of the body, the emotions and the mind is meditative relaxation. This is systematically taught in Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers’ Society) and has spectacular results in very short time.

In Omilos Eksipiretiton there are relaxation groups open for all every day.