Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society): Spiritual Healing in our lives


The Spiritual Center “Omilos Eksipiretiton”(the Servers’ Society) serves a new integrative philosophical approach, that aims at teaching us how to live life in a substantial way and how to be well in all aspects of our lives just by using simple practical ways. 

Through the many groups operating in Omilos and through selfless service to our fellow people we gain the true Knowledge of the Self. This knowledge transforms our everyday lives into a true miracle!

Day conference in London “Spirituality: a way to live, a way to heal”


On October 13th Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) organized a day conference titled “Spirituality: a way to live, a way to heal” at the Arcola Theatre, London. 

The Heads of the Society present the work and the basic principles of the Society’s philosophy. 

They speak of their thirty-year personal experience, about how they have put in practice these principles in their lives and how everyone can be well in mind, body and spirit by putting them in practice in their daily lives too.



The “Kakalidis Μethod for literature analysis”

“This paper aims at presenting the work of philosopher and poet Dimitris Kakalidis (1943-1995), emphasising the method he developed for the analysis of short stories and poetry, termed as the ‘Kakalidis Method’. In his works, the two volumes on ‘The Wisdom of Poetry’ and ‘The Wisdom of the Short Story’, he presents an innovative method of analysing 100 poems and 36 stories by Greek authors; this, acquires a perspective that pervades and reveals the inner spiritual resources of each work, demonstrating universal messages. Each literary piece takes dimensions beyond the visible contours, revealing the infinite within the limited, bringing the unconscious into consciousness. His starting point for each analysis is ‘Man-Humanity-Entity’ in their everlasting, intertwined relationship, based on the belief that each individual is an enlightened being in their core, going through life’s path only for this to be expressed in action…”

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Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society): what is Spiritual Healing


The Spiritual Healing Section has been operating since the foundation of Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers’ Society), in 1980. Spiritual Healing is a potential within every person and it can be revealed to each one of us, when we begin to express our spiritual nature. 

A great number of people, facing physical and/or psychological difficulties, refer daily to the spiritual healing section with new requests for help to which we respond.

Those who request spiritual healing do so without any financial obligation and without the requirement of membership.

21-24 August 2014, Summer Seminar by Omilos Eksipiretiton – Join us!

We invite you to our 4-day annual international summer seminar in picturesque Korfos, Greece where you will have the opportunity to experience spiritual living in action, surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth, balance and group spirit, while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the Greek sea and landscape…

For more information and booking:

tel.: 07780514985 (UK), 0030 2102015194, 0030 6936104960 (GR)