International seminar at Korfos, Korinthia (August 2011) – “Spirituality in everyday life: discovering a new dimension of healing and well-being”

Our ninth seminar was held in the fascinating Korfos of Korinthia on 24-28 August 2011 and its main subject was “Spirituality in everyday life: discovering a new dimension of healing and well-being”.

In these five days of the seminar many discussions, analysis and experiential groups took place in a warm atmosphere of serenity and repose. Everyday relaxations and introduction to Nidra Yoga, as uniquely and substantially is taught in Omilos, contributed to that.

seminario-9_17     seminario-9_11

In the beautiful theatre of Sophiko we hosted a night full of philosophy and poetry. Underneath the starry sky and with the view of the verdant mountain, the attendees participated in the Society’s Chorodromena which, according to their saying, brought great joy and uplift to everyone.

The fieldtrip to the ancient theatre and the museum of Epidavros as well as the farewell party that was held by the sea, completed the unique moments of the seminar.

seminario-9_16     seminario-9_19

Thus, through all these ways we truly lived in a harmonic and healing flow!

With the completion of the ninth seminar we celebrate three years of organizing seminars in various places around Greece always followed by great feedback and success. In fact, we had the pleasure to have psychologists from England participating in this seminar, who came in contact with Omilos through our presentations in international scientific conferences.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and hope to meet again soon!