Omilos’ work was presented in the 15th annual conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Transpersonal Psychology Section

The 15th Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Transpersonal Psychology Section took place in Scarborough, England on 16-18 September 2011, on the topic “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”.

The person in charge of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) along with members participated in the conference where they presented the philosophy and work of Omilos as well as chorodromena during two paper presentations.

A video with testimonials of people talking about how the Society helped them in their lives, a video with the groups and Omilos’ work that is taking place daily and also a video with chorodromena completed the presentations offering a vivid image to the participants.

synedrio_scarborough_05    synedrio_scarborough_03

Many of the presenters made reference to our books as well: Dr. L. Culliford, psychiatrist and honorable member of BPS, completed his speech with an abstract from the book “The Master I” by Klairi Lykiardopoulou (published by Megas Seirios Publications which operate under the auspices of Omilos) and he thanked us for giving him the opportunity to get in touch with this book. The person in charge of the Transpersonal Psychology Section magazine requested to present our books in the magazine and some other researchers in the field of “psychology and spirituality” mentioned that they are going to include them in the bibliography of their papers.

The conference facilitators along with many of the participants warmly thanked us for our presence there and for the printed and electronic material that we gave them. They also asked for further communication between us on issues concerning spirituality and its application in everyday life.

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Many attendees shared their impressions with us through further communication we had after the end of the conference:

“The feedback I received from your presentation was very positive, everybody was impressed with you and your dedication to your work and your preparation and presentation was very thorough and also moving!”

Dr. J., University Professor

“You all made a good impression here. There was much very favourable talk about your presentations in the evening among the group. Well done and thank you!”

Dr. L., phychiatrist-author

“I really enjoyed your presentations and I think your work is excellent.”

Dr. P., medical researcher

“I enjoyed your talks very much and was impressed with the scope of the work that you do in the Society.”

Dr. M, University Professor

“I wish you all well with your wonderful work of healing. I am sure you understand the significance that when you heal another you heal yourself.”

Dr. Μ., psychologist