International Summer Seminar in Korfos, Greece (July 2012) – by Omilos Eksipiretiton

 We gathered at beautiful Korfos, Korinthia for our international seminar titled:

“Spiritual Healing: The Art of Spiritual Living”

It was our pleasure to have at this year’s summer seminar mental health scientists, teachers, students, lawyers and  poets, some of whom were from England, Austria, Turkey and Ghana. We also had in attendance members and friends of Omilos from Athens and other regions of Greece.

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The various activities (presentations, analysis, discussions, everyday relaxations, nidra yoga and experiential groups to name a few) which took place during the seminar gave participants the opportunity to know the philosophy of Omilos and mostly to experience what it means for someone to live in the flow of spirituality, calmness, balance and joy in every moment of his life.

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The thoughts and opinions expressed and exchanged showed how the teaching of Omilos proposes a way of life that can help each person to be well, beyond cultural or other differences.

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“I feel like I am in Plato’s Academy”, a student of Political Science and Philosophy from England told us with enthusiasm. The well known Greek poet and painter Ms Leta Koutsohera honoured us by reciting some of her poems, while poet Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah from Ghana inspired by “Omilos’ family”, as he calls us, wrote, recited and dedicated poems to Omilos. The power of spiritual healing as well as the togetherness and union that existed made a great impression on the participants who emphasized how important it is to see and experience in action what the teaching of Omilos is all about.

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The seminar also included a field trip to the archaeological site of Epidavros, while the farewell evening brought great joy and relaxation to all. We would like to thank all for their participation.

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We are already planning our next seminars in Greece and abroad, and would welcome you all.