Join our annual international summer seminar!

Join our annual international summer seminar!

Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) teaches Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing is not a technique or something performed only in certain times of the day. It is a way of life through which we can develop proper human relationships and have a correct function in our daily living (personal, social, family, professional etc.). Through this way of life all restrictons and weak aspects of ourselves turn into broadness of consciousness and inner strength. We become healers of ourselves; a potential within all people.

It is a way of life that we learn simply, without dogmas. We accept all philosophical currents and work in order to put them in practice. We learn to deepen more and more into all the ways through which the Entity, the infinite inner strength of Man, expresses itself (and all these ways are spiritual healing), such as sciences, art and philosophies. We learn to become conscious of ourselves and to be well through self-observation and meditation.

In order to learn how the Entity is expressed in every moment of our life and how to participate actively and creatively in its expression, we have a lot of groups, some of which are self-study groups, creative meditation groups and chorodromena.

Omilos operates for 35 years through the principles of selfless service and total interest for everyone and everything, and renders a tremendous amount of community service.

An important part of our work is Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section. This Section works unceasingly, on a daily basis, performing healings to everyone who requests it, and for all kinds of physical and psychological illnesses. Spiritual Healing is always offered free of charge. The healers ask absolutely nothing from the patients but to keep them updated about the course of their health.


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We invite you to our 4-day annual international summer seminar in picturesque Korfos, Greece where you will have the opportunity to experience spiritual living in action, surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth, balance and group spirit, while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the Greek sea and landscape.

You will be introduced to Omilos’ (Τhe Servers Society) teachings – a practical philosophy of synthesis -, by the Heads of Omilos, spiritual healers with 30 years of experience in the field of spirituality and its implementation in everyday life.

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Fears and phobias – their cause and their cure

It has been noticed that nowadays more and more people suffer from several phobias, as is agoraphobia, which make their everyday life difficult. The Master of Omilos, Dimitris Kakalidis, has given a thorough analysis on the causes of these fears and their treatment in the book “The path from fear to fearlessness” by I. Dimakou.Below we quote the relevant abstract.

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Free event: “When spirituality emerges from within…” – 30/11/2013

Spirituality is our everyday life, it is reality, it is our very existence. Not only can we approach it, but we can also experience it and make it a way of life with simple ways. This is the truth that Omilos Eksipiretiton teaches for 33 years now.

We invite you to participate in:

  • Discussions on the concept of spirituality and its everyday practice
  • Chorodromena (ritual movements that balance the energies and forces in us and around us)
  • Spiritual Healing sessions

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Day-conference: “Spirituality: a way to live, a way to heal” – 13/10/2012

“Everything you say has a lot of meaning to me. This is what I was looking for. I am excited and I want to learn more. I did well to come.”

These were the words one of the participants used to describe his first impressions at the beginning of the conference held on October 13th at the Arcola Theatre, London.

The Heads of the Society presented the work and the basic principles of the Society’s philosophy. They spoke of their thirty-year personal experience, about how they have put in practice these principles in their lives and how everyone can be well in mind, body and spirit by putting them in practice in their daily lives too.

The meaning and principles of Spiritual Healing as well as the way it is taught and practiced in Omilos were also discussed. The Heads of Omilos talked about its results, presenting also some recent total healing cases.

ktz_0080   ktz_0085

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Omilos’ work was presented in the 15th annual conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Transpersonal Psychology Section

The 15th Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Transpersonal Psychology Section took place in Scarborough, England on 16-18 September 2011, on the topic “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”.

The person in charge of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) along with members participated in the conference where they presented the philosophy and work of Omilos as well as chorodromena during two paper presentations.

A video with testimonials of people talking about how the Society helped them in their lives, a video with the groups and Omilos’ work that is taking place daily and also a video with chorodromena completed the presentations offering a vivid image to the participants.

synedrio_scarborough_05    synedrio_scarborough_03

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