Healing and self-healing of a cyst on the coccyx

One day, when I was already a member of the Servers’ Society, a spot, full of pus, appeared on the last bone of my spinal column. I burst it, and the next day it was greatly swollen. Three small spots appeared at this point on the same base with three different points and full of pus. The condition was accompanied by pain and intense itching. I began to be hardly able to limp, and I didn’t go out because I was afraid people would make fun of me or pity me because of the way I walked.

I went to the doctor and was told that it was a cyst on the coccyx. He advised me to have an operation immediately. He also gave me antibiotics and drew off the pus. I came to the Society the same day and had contact therapy. In meditation, I saw this part pulsating, bursting and ejecting useless substances and I felt as though I was on fire. I was very receptive to spiritual healing. On Monday the cyst had disappeared! On Tuesday I saw the Master, and he told me that the cause of this cyst had to do with the way I had grown up and my relations with people in my environment.

When I visited the doctor, he cancelled the operation and said he wished that what had happened to me would happen to all his patients. When I visited him the first time, he told me that I had a fungoid condition of the genitals. This time he discovered that within three days even the fungus had disappeared!

From this experience I have learnt and sensed a great deal which cannot be describe in words… I have learnt to channel positive energy to my body and to make it literally glow with health. I have come to believe in God, spiritual power and healing. I feel very great gratitude to the Master and to the members of the healing section, who have helped me so considerably in the restoration of my health.


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