Healing of an eye condition

My mother’s family suffers from an eye condition which develops rapidly and ends in almost total blindness. My grandmother and her five sisters suffered from this illness, and a few years ago, my uncle went blind. This disease attacks the fundus of the eye, causing swellings and haemorrhages.

My mother suddenly began not to see, and her condition grew worse very rapidly. She was seized with panic. She went immediately to the ophthalmologist, she began treatment with injections into the eye and wore special glasses. But I talked of her problem to the Society and explained the urgent need for spiritual healing to stop the development of the disease immediately and to achieve an improvement. Which is what happened. As if miraculously, mother is much better and her morale is marvellous. She can read with her glasses, she watches television, plays cards, plays backgammon… She owes all this to the spiritual healing which she received from the Servers’ Society.

I thank the healers on her behalf and have no words to express my gratitude.


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