Join our international winter seminar on 27-30 December 2014!

slider_487x324“Every search is in itself hopeful.”

– Dimitris Kakalidis, “The Revelation of the Entity” 

Because what else do we actually search for than to be in union? To unite with other people, with everything we do in our daily lives, with Life itself?

To unite so as to be well, to broaden our heart and mind, to be in the flow of Life without fears and agonies, to be in balance, harmony and happiness with ourselves and all other people.

And indeed how simple things become, when we realize that we don’t have to do anything hard and difficult… simply because we are already complete and the union we seek for, already exists.

We invite you to our international seminar in the winter resort of Loutra Ypatis, to find these answers together.

We welcome you for 4 days of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration in this Greek picturesque village on the beautiful mountains and stunning natural environment.

The Heads of Omilos, spiritual healers with knowledge and experience gained through working in the field of spirituality and its implementation in everyday life for over 30 years, will guide you through the activities and experiential workshops of the seminar:

  • Meditative Relaxation
  • Creative Meditation
  • Spiritual Healing: basic concepts
  • Spiritual Healing in our lives: simple ways to implement it in everyday life
  • Dromena (role-playing)
  • Chorodromena
  • Analysis of art works (poetry, literature, movies, paintings…) revealing their spiritual essence

This seminar is of interest to anyone wishing to improve aspects of their everyday life as well as their relationship with themselves and others and to promote their well-being through a synthetic and practical philosophy, without any dogmas and with total respect to one’s personal path. It is also ideal for educators, mental health professionals, counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, students.

For more information and booking please contact us at:

tel: 07780514985 (UK) and 0030 2102015194 or 0030 6936104960 (GR)