Spiritual Healing & Health – Presenting Omilos at a conference held by Ethnic Health Initiative, England


On November 10th 2010, the Ethnic Health Initiative (EHI) presented the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) at a conference held in London with the presence of the Head and other members of the Society. The title of the presentation was “The Practice of Spiritual Healing in Greece: A Positive Example of Approaching Health and Well-being from a Spiritual Perspective”.

In the abstract shown in this video, the ways in which the philosophy of the Society is taught and applied are presented. These ways involve various groups, seminars and service activities towards our fellow people in need. Through this teaching that can be practiced in a simple way in everybody’s life, we are led both to the healing of certain physical or/and psychological illnesses and of every weak aspect that may afflict us.


Spiritual Healing as it is taught and practiced at the Servers’ Society is a potential within each one of us, as long as we acknowledge the common spiritual nature in everyone and everything and we consciously work towards its expression. The Spiritual Healing Section has been operating since the Society’s foundation in 1980. It has a full training program for the members who wish to become spiritual healers and it performs contact healing and distant healing daily to those requesting it, with absolutely no financial charge or the obligation of membership.