Our 17th International Seminar “Actively Participating in Life” (29/12/18-01/01/19)

“The spiritual person, therefore, is vigilant because they have made a choice to participate in a life-work. Not for themselves, but for all humanity, for all people to be well. They have a stance, they have vision. They accept themselves, they trust their own Entity and that of every other human being and is active and a participant in life, now, at this moment, every moment. They live life one hundred per cent. This is the spiritual human being.”

Excerpt from the speech with the topic “Actively Participating in Life” by Mr. Andreas Dritsas, President of Omilos Eksipiretiton



A few days before we said goodbye to 2018, all of us together, members and friends of Omilos, from Greece and other countries, met at Lagadia Arkadias. At our seminar – which had one of the highest attendances – we had a creative three days of relaxation, rejuvenation and, first and foremost, the opportunity to be a group! The magical mountain landscape, the activities of the seminar, the strolls in nature, the conversations with the heads of Omilos in front of the fireplace until late at night or during lunch and dinner, the cheerfulness and joy on New Year’s Eve, “filled our days with the experience that spirituality is within every moment and gave us the boost to move forward”, as it was characteristically said by one of the participants.

Besides, this was exactly the topic of our seminar. Action! How every person can get out of the limitations, of the aspects of inactiveness that suffocate them, and open themselves up to the world around them, to the person next to them, to pass into true action, to true consideration of and union with the others.



“In the morning relaxation that we did all together, I had an experience, a revelation. I truly experienced within me that we are all one, that we became a group, I felt the power of the group, and I had never felt that before. I will have what I felt as a legacy. That this is the way I can be well, and this will definitely urge me to implement it every day in my life”.

“I enjoyed every moment and I already miss you all. I learnt so many things”.

“I felt the group as a family by my side every moment. I thank you all very much for that”.