Omilos will be in London for Spiritual Healing and Meditation (01-03/02/2019)

Once more we prepare for London. There, the Self-study Group of Omilos is waiting for us and is eager to meet for interesting discussions and personal appointments.

Moreover, in the context of our collaboration with the health centre “Women + Health”, a registered charity based in London, appointments for Spiritual Healing will take place every day from 01/02 to 03/02, and on 02/02 and 03/02 after the Spiritual Healing appointments, at 17.00, there will be meditation and free discussion groups, as well as personal appointments with the centre’s members and visitors.

For all our friends in London, it is also an opportunity to participate so as to get to know first-hand the practical philosophy of Omilos, and to experience through simple means the Miracle of every moment!

Free entry!

For bookings:


tel.: 07960 797435