“With the songs as our compass and tradition as the captain”: Our music event at Hellenic Centre London (07-11-2019)

“With the songs as our compass and tradition as the captain” our event on Greek folk music took place at the Hellenic Centre London on 7/11/2019.

An event where we were honoured with the presence of the Director of the Hellenic Centre, Ms. A. Kalispera, and who thanked us by saying: “Exceptional, Congratulations! One of the best presentations ever held here at the Hellenic Centre!”

The bookings were pouring in during the days before the event and the room was filling up with waves of people, but mostly with songs, dancing and that panhuman element that makes us become one. One Group, one Voice.



The President of Omilos expressed it with cohesion in his speech:

“Let’s say that the human being is a tree. A tree is strong and healthy when it has very deep roots, very good roots and healthy ones. And, you know, Greece has very deep roots starting from Homer, Aeschylus, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and reaching Elytis, Kavafis and many other contemporary Greek poets.

And so, every Greek learns, just as anyone else in every different nation does, to transmute their agony, pain, fear and joy into a poem, a song, a dance”.

Distinguished people of the Arts, journalists, Greek people living in London but also Londoners from all nationalities joined us and all together we sang both familiar and new melodies with undiminished enthusiasm.

We vibrated not only to the rhythms of dancing and singing, but mainly to the deep roots that make each person’s entity develop and grow.



Some of the comments will give you a taste of the evening:

“Fantastic presentation! You spoke to our hearts!”

“An extremely well-researched work, nicely presented, very lively and to the point!”

“You presented Greek folk music in a spherical, unique way”

“I was so moved; I watched completely absorbed and didn’t want it to end. Congratulations from the depths of my heart!”

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