“Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” – Our literature event at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

“Excellent presentation! Definitely not what you expect from a poetry evening, a nice surprise!”

“I had never imagined that this poem could have such extensions. Thank you!”

“With the deep analysis that you did, you helped me a lot with my own personal issues as well. You did excellent work!”

“It has to do with the entire Self, doesn’t it? Not to identify with the limitation. A very good idea and a beautiful way of presenting it”.

A rainy Friday in London on the 8th November 2019 but no one was deterred and soon the room at Morley College began to fill with people.

It is the second year in a row that we find ourselves at Morley College and this time we co-organized an event on the hidden wisdom of poetry with the excellent Mr. Harris, the Head of the Humanities Department.

As the President of Omilos said in his opening speech:

“The great current of Life brings problems, but it also brings those who can teach humanity how to be helped. These people are, in our opinion, the artists, they are the musicians, the poets, the painters.

Therefore, we delve into their work and we learn to see the hidden meanings through which they teach humanity and how through these teachings we can be well in life, in practice.”



The entire event was an interactive, experiential workshop, where the audience took part as we gradually unravelled together the hidden wisdom that exists within the verses of “God Forsakes Anthony” by K.P. Kavafis.

The aim was to allow the poetry and the Word to pass into us, to feel their vibrations inside us, and to see where and how they pertain to us, what we can learn about ourselves.

Through the method with which we work in Omilos in order to delve into literature, paintings, a film, a song, and, eventually, into Life itself, we were lead step by step into even deeper, even more essential, even broader meanings about the human being – fighter and co-creator in life.



Indeed, as the discussion progressed, the message “there are no impasses in the spiritual field” started to reveal itself to all present.

Because the current of Life sends the poets, the painters, the great Artists to teach humankind and give them a relieving breath where they experience the impasses.

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