The President of Omilos’ speech at our event “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” at Morley College London (08-11-2019)

Our event titled “Revealing the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry” at Morley College in London was opened with the speech by the President of Omilos, in which he referred to all those who teach through Art and help humankind along its path.

His speech follows:

“Let me welcome you tonight.

We are a Spiritual Centre which has been active in Greece for 40 years. The teaching that is given is how to learn to be well and that there are no impasses in Life.

Life brings problems. The immense current of Life brings problems, but it also brings those who teach human beings how to be helped.

These people, in our opinion, are the artists, the musicians, the poets, the painters. Therefore, we delve into their work and we learn to see the hidden meanings through which they teach humankind and how through these teachings we can be well in life and in practice.

Today we are analysing Kavafis. Kavafis, in essence, was not a poet, he was a philosopher. So, let’s see if we can convince you!”

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