“Spiritual Healing in Theory and in Practice” (Women and Health, London, 09-11-2019)

On Saturday 9th of November and after two very successful events at the Hellenic Centre on Thursday and at Morley College on Friday, our entire day was dedicated to the centre Women and Health and, of course, to all people, users of the centre or not, who came to meet with us.

And Spiritual Healing became action once more!

With immediateness and simplicity, everyone who was there experienced the change that takes place when you give without asking anything for yourself. They experienced it in the Spiritual Healing sessions and the real and sincere interest that was shown by the group of Spiritual Healers.


They experienced it in the individual personal appointments that took place, where the group of Omilos, without considering time or effort, concerned themselves with the issues that each person wanted to talk about. They experienced it in the Open Discussion and Meditation group with the subject “Spiritual Healing in Theory and in Practice” carried out by the President of Omilos.

It was then that all this came to a conclusion with a common experience of union and expansion, with a “revelation”, as we were told by the participants, of what Omilos means, of what it really means to be a Group.